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The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta! Silvia

DRE20 S14a KOUKI sr22det 310kw Precision 5858 Z32 Nismo
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#1 DRE20

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  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 15 July 2012 - 08:33 PM

Ok so i've been asked by a few people to do a build thread so here it is. Happy reading :)

I remember seeing a green s14 series 2 cruisin around in my town waaay back in 2000, and ever since then i've always said once i get my shit together i'm going to get one. Well, my shit is together, and here is my beloved silvia's story.

For the record, this is my first turbo car so since buying it i've learnt alot. Didnt really have much to do with cars before this one, ive had a few but never really mucked around with them like i have with this one.

So back in 2010 around May whilst searchng on carsales for an s14, this little shiraz coloured rocketship jumped out at me... So i called up the owner and told him i want it, so i paid and he put it on a truck for me and about 2 weeks later my dad and I flew to townsville to drive it home (i didn't have a licence at the time so dad drove) this is it after i first got it registered with my plates slapped on it about 2 or 3 weeks after having it at home.

Attached Image: 33391_1402047736835_257492_n.jpgAttached Image: 33391_1402047776836_1996597_n.jpgAttached Image: 33391_1402047856838_3625694_n.jpgAttached Image: 34226_1402058817112_1481754_n.jpgAttached Image: 34226_1402058857113_713495_n.jpgAttached Image: 37358_1402047016817_1401573302_31146737_3578848_n.jpgAttached Image: 37421_1402058217097_4888899_n.jpgAttached Image: 37421_1402058297099_8137301_n.jpgAttached Image: 303065_1402047816837_4937848_n.jpg
The car ran very well, we were quite impressed with it on the trip home, drove it for 1000k's flawlessly. The old man was a bit scared of the highboost setting lol.
The dyno sheet provided with the car said it had around 227kw atw, on somewhere around 20psi,

Specs of car:


Stock unopened s15 VCT sr20det

Other Goodies:

garrett 2876r .64 A/R and 4inch front housing
stock injectors 370cc
Malpassi fuel reg
Hybrid front Mount Intercooler
3inch zaust from turbo back
4inch pod filter on custom alloy air pipe
Microtech LT8 piggyback ecu
Relocated Bosch coilpacks
Bosch 984 fuel pump
Stock Nissan Intank pump
Alloy surge tank
Oil catch can
Custom alloy airbox
Turbosmart Eboost
Turbosmart v port Bov

Didn't have a licence for the first 3 months of owning this car so it pretty much just sat around and every now and then me and mates would take it out for a drive, on this one particular night, maybe 4 weeks after having it home, me and a mate went out for a cruise, and i said lets go out of town so i can have a drive, i hadnt driven it yet not even once. So anyways, i get into the drivers seat, get the seating position right, adjust the steering wheel, push the clutch in and put it into first gear, slowly let the clutch out and take off then decide i wanna rip skids so i clutch kick it, then snap 2nd, them BAM! blew 2nd gear lol.
So thats when i joined this very website and started looking for answers and options on what i can do to make it not happen again...
Then i found the Z32 gearbox thread nigel created, and after about a week a user from here got onto me, he'd just stripped out his whole z32 conversion out of his s14 so i snapped that up, put it in and it was a bit of a f**k to be honest at first, it was very noisy, rattly, the gearbox was tappin the floor, the shifter hole needed to be cut out for it to fit properly, had no speedo, the gearstick rattled its ass out, oh man it was a f**king mess.
So i started researching, found a little company called Alpha Omega down in sydney who'd basically JUST started doing the conversions, well, they weren't officially released yet but after a few emails i managed to get a short shift kit and a new shifter relocater from them, i already had a tail shaft and bellhousing adapter plate so i didnt end up getting the whole kit as much as i should of coz they are the ducks nutz.
Anyways, me and a mate dropped the box, put the new shifter and relocator on and WOW! what an incredible difference. So quiet, such nice short shifts too and no slop. Awesome. I also got one of their speedo correctors, so i had that wired in and away i went. All good.
how the knob sat after box was first installed
Attached Image: 46853_1465722888674_4696679_n.jpg
How it sat AFTER the alpha omega shit went in
Attached Image: 46535_1465723208682_925321_n.jpg
Attached Image: 46626_1465723328685_705768_n.jpg

So a little amount of time went by and after starting to get comfy in the car and starting to throw it around a little bit i notice the diff was a little bit dangerous, sometimes you'd be hangin it out and all of a sudden it shoots off towards a gutter! The diff was pretty 2nd hand, so i hunted around for a diff for a week or so and found one on nengun for cheap, Nismo GT PRO 1.5 way lsd. So i bought that and bought new bearings and seals and redline diff oil and we pulled it apart and put it in.
Had a bit of a head f**k on our hands when we first pulled the diff out as the half shafts were different lengths and wouldnt go in the diff, so we took one of them down to my mates work and spun off about 30mm on the lathe... I don't recommend this, as it wasnt a real tight fit and going around corners slowly it felt like the whole wheel was moving side to side lol but it worked untill i could organise a new shaft that would fit. Just needed another stock nissan s14 short shaft.


Attached Image: 286415_2070435366108_4218447_o.jpgAttached Image: 285974_2070432086026_2867118_o.jpgAttached Image: 285896_2070431005999_6163228_o.jpgAttached Image: 289262_2070429845970_6340702_o.jpgAttached Image: 289789_2070428565938_284526_o.jpgAttached Image: 194649_2070426885896_3525452_o.jpgAttached Image: 289698_2070425565863_1705310_o.jpg
Attached Image: 177171_3670606089376_1512963268_o.jpg

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#2 DRE20

  • Joined:22-June 10
  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 15 July 2012 - 08:37 PM

Next, I decided it looked a little gay with stock s15 alloys and orange front indicators, so i put some rims on it. Yep, all 20 inches haha and some clear indicators
Attached Image: 66644_1518289162798_2260473_n (1).jpgAttached Image: 66974_1518289082796_5322331_n.jpgAttached Image: 73404_1518288242775_87545_n.jpgAttached Image: 73445_1518288682786_7207824_n.jpg

next up was some rear suspension arms as the rims didn't sit right at first (also some led taillights)
Attached Image: 413641_3689948972936_594195558_o.jpg
Attached Image: 178311_3689973653553_864388492_o.jpg

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#3 DRE20

  • Joined:22-June 10
  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 15 July 2012 - 09:44 PM

So pretty much everything went well for about 8 months, i had a few dramas with tuning it, had it tuned 3 times and everytime there was dramas, the 2nd time in particular the guy butchered the tune, i was getting around 250ks to a tank and it was barely putting out 200kw atw, was running really rough and shit and it was pissin me off, lucky i never paid him for the tune, so i drove it to townsville and they had a go, and it made 213.1kw atw on 18pounds...
It went well for about a month, then one winter morning after work took it for a long drive and got stuck into it, it started popping and carrying on then came good, so i decided to do a 2nd gear drift, took the corner pretty sideways, clicked 3rd coming out and then a piston let go... FML
Attached Image: 297048_2066571069503_1401573302_32166576_3248490_n.jpgAttached Image: 293351_2066573469563_1401573302_32166582_1360936_n.jpgAttached Image: 294189_2066577389661_1401573302_32166590_6057070_n.jpg
as you can see in the pics, nice little hole in the piston, wrecked the top of the cylinder and the head was looking pretty 2nd hand aswell...
Then i decided i wanted a tough SR, so after abit of researching i got onto SR NRG aka Donny, and had a bit of a yarn and we decided on a combination i was happy with that would help me reach 300kw. So i asked Donny to build me a new engine, this is when the fun began.

Donny also got me onto the boys at Eastcoast Customs, So after a few phonecalls, trucked my car to EastCoast so they could pull engine out and send it to donny so he could rebuild it.

They had it out within days of it being there and sent. After about 9-10 months of SR NRG having the motor things started happening.............

While i was waiting for my engine to be built, decided not to put the 2876r back on as it wouldnt reach my goal of 300kw, so i got a Precision 5858 Ballbearing for it (mainly went with precision as almost no one had put this exact turbo on a forged SR20 yet, well, not that i could find anyways) and a Brae Exhaust manifold, Tial 44mm MVR wastegate in purple, a new DCS Hi Torque Cushion Ceramic Clutch, and after the engine blowing up i decided to go a different way with the ecu so i had the Microtech pulled out and put a Link G4 plug and play ECU in it and a Link Knock light, also decided on some new injectors, so i got ID1000cc with a BPP fuel rail kit...

New Engine specs

90mm CP pistons and rings
Manley Rods with ARP rod bolts
Darton sleeves
ARP head studs
Mazworx head gasket
Tomei Solid Lifter conversion
New rocker arms
New Oil pump
New water pump
Tomei Solid PROcams 260/12mm in & exh.
Tomei Adjustable cam gears
BC springs
New valves

crank crack tested and linished and shot peened
Block acid dipped
Head ported and polished
all new gaskets and seals throughout
Balanced and blueprinted
(probly some things im forgetting but you get the idea)
Donny was kind enough to send me a few pics :D
Attached Image: 322019_10150614798610429_671085428_11566901_559449317_o.jpgAttached Image: 194709_10150614841490429_671085428_11566962_1975981688_o.jpgAttached Image: 210890_10150614842710429_671085428_11566964_568493584_o.jpgAttached Image: 328714_10150614989215429_671085428_11567268_76526949_o.jpgAttached Image: 328868_10150614988615429_671085428_11567265_202961566_o.jpgAttached Image: 330303_10150614610060429_671085428_11566061_1917617440_o.jpgAttached Image: 340771_10150614958240429_1632505690_o.jpgAttached Image: 341195_10150614759515429_671085428_11566777_103561047_o.jpgAttached Image: 341330_10150614960550429_671085428_11567209_1933507665_o.jpgAttached Image: 410929_10150614945440429_671085428_11567146_1244961122_o.jpgAttached Image: 406517_10150629460015429_671085428_11610738_165386684_n.jpgAttached Image: 402527_2803818300223_1401573302_32554033_2029217568_n.jpgAttached Image: 421882_10150629345455429_671085428_11610576_1795483633_n.jpgAttached Image: 408889_2803801539804_1401573302_32554028_729871834_n.jpgAttached Image: 426970_357718004251767_340693932620841_1110619_1351461173_n.jpg

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#4 DRE20

  • Joined:22-June 10
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  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 15 July 2012 - 11:16 PM

So the engine turns back up at EastCoast Customs (happiest day of my life to date!!) and the boys got onto it f**king PRONTO. Well done boys haha and rob sent me a few pics of things as they went along...

Attached Image: 528408_420900734592654_1848666936_n.jpgAttached Image: 528987_425669157449145_801833378_n.jpgAttached Image: 548854_425669090782485_1590021721_n.jpgAttached Image: 549809_425669117449149_830366302_n.jpgAttached Image: 548013_425670000782394_49946590_n.jpgAttached Image: 559389_425669964115731_2079669730_n.jpgAttached Image: 544654_425670244115703_136141150_n.jpgAttached Image: 545752_425670137449047_1126413897_n.jpgAttached Image: 534060_432447823437945_783715913_n.jpgAttached Image: 467232_3288205049589_2042131440_o.jpgAttached Image: 374073_432448443437883_1787730608_n.jpgAttached Image: 405047_425670537449007_877396518_n.jpgAttached Image: 457121_3288398094415_635776604_o.jpg

Ok so after a few little dramas like someone sending out the wrong injector rail that put this build back by around 1 week, doesn't seem like such a big deal now but when it happened it was a major catastrophe, Rob finally got it on the dyno, it started tuning up pretty good then my peice of junk malpassi fuel reg wouldnt hold pressure properly or give correct readings, so that got binned and a Tomei Type L was thrown in, then one of my Bosch coil packs shit itself, so had to wait another day for another one of them.... But after all that, she started tuning up pretty well...

This video is the final powertune, it was tuned up twice in the first week it was going, the run in tune was around 240kw on 12 pounds


So after around 4000k's of having the car back.... Everything was going fine, it survived going down the drag strip a few times, doin some skids, just generally getting to know the car again, not overly trashing it but not babying it either, generally just keeping off the limiter as much as i could haha

one night me and a few mates were all out in our sils, and one of the boys says to do some launches coz i wasnt keen on sliding it as the tyres i had on had to get me home lol, so i did... Anyways, my mate decides to record it on his phone so i stall it up and launch it, then i come back and my mate tells me i'll have to do another one coz he didnt have it on video camera lol, so i stall it up again and do another launch, and i come back and this time he says sorry bro youll have to do it again coz i accidentally took a photo instead of recording it lol and you know what they say!! 3rd time lucky!!! haha on the 3rd one whilst changing into 2nd gear it smashed 2 rockers :( but we couldnt work it out untill the next day when i took the rocker cover off...

Attached Image: 414225_3413502901957_869138961_o.jpg

so then i had to tow it over 1000k's home... f**king MISSIONNNNNNN!!!!

Attached Image: 476449_3382447485591_626455528_o.jpg

So then i gets it home, pull it all apart, get new rockers, put them in, fire it back up and went out for a cruise, all was good. Back in business. Sure enough, the very next morning on the way to work, snapped 2 rockers AGAIN!!. by this time im ready to burn the f**king thing to the ground. Only this time it wrecked the exhaust cam and shattered the rockers much worse and i lost 2 shims inside somewhere so had to drop the sump again and pull cams out this time...

Attached Image: 458170_3478849295576_1866107038_o.jpgAttached Image: 461201_3478828815064_152792285_o.jpgAttached Image: 475651_3478825854990_842660492_o.jpgAttached Image: 476227_3413424820005_1122545577_o.jpg

so i bought a new cam, new test shim kit (waste of money didnt even end up using it) new rockers, oh and a new front lip. Faarrk yeah!
Attached Image: 469804_3581836630195_723323085_o.jpg

So after this happened again i was f**king pissed off, as you could imagine, freshly rebuilt engine and its smashing rockers daily, so after talking to everybody we decide the limiter is set wrong, it was set to ignition cut, so a new limiter was made up and sent to me in an email, ready to be uploaded onto the ECU when we finally start it back up again.

Anyways, got all the bits of rocker out and found the 2 missing shims when i pulled the cams out they were stuck in where the timing chain goes, Got the new bits and a mate and I set all the timing up and fired it back up, and it wouldnt start.... So we pulled rocker cover off again and checked timing, also checked the Cam angle sensor, sure enough, it was 180 degrees out, so we rectified that, put it back together and viola! Back in business. Posted Image

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  • Joined:23-March 11
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  • Car:2002 ADM S15 Silvia

Posted 15 July 2012 - 11:27 PM

Very nice set up. Looking the same amount of power with a built engine.

If you don't mind can you pm me. I have some questions that you can answer for me. Cheers

#6 harris.

  • Joined:01-June 04
  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:180sx SR POWWAAAHH

Posted 15 July 2012 - 11:54 PM

nice one bro, be sure to let me write the part of the story that i know about, with matt telling you to do launches..

i am an EXCELLENT story teller ;) hahahahahah

#7 DRE20

  • Joined:22-June 10
  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 16 July 2012 - 06:30 AM

View Postharris., on 15 July 2012 - 11:54 PM, said:

nice one bro, be sure to let me write the part of the story that i know about, with matt telling you to do launches..

i am an EXCELLENT story teller ;) hahahahahah

hahaha yeah i will let you do the honers for that one. I will get stuck into trying to finish it off tonight, theres so much ive missed but it was late n i got tired...


  • Joined:12-October 10
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  • Car:Ra Rodeo

Posted 16 July 2012 - 07:21 AM

Subscribed for the gayness :P

#9 greens14

  • Joined:28-July 08
  • Location:Australia VIC

Posted 16 July 2012 - 07:43 AM

NIce mate. Looks like a killer setup. I can only imagine how you felt when that engine turned up!!

#10 1400R

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  • Car:markII jzx100

Posted 16 July 2012 - 08:39 AM

what the hell is with people installing motor's with big turbos hanging off them takes 10mins

to pull it off and leaves so much more room once its in reinstall it so lazy

loving the slant on the thing to lol

Edited by 1400R, 16 July 2012 - 08:40 AM.

#11 DRE20

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  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 16 July 2012 - 08:18 PM

so this happened... tru story bro.

Attached Image: 336407_3670603849320_743354797_o.jpg

#12 datsun180

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  • Car:180sx

Posted 16 July 2012 - 08:36 PM

Posted Image

that actually looks like realistic fitment and I like it..........I like it alot :-) I know at least two people that require wheel and tire specs.......immediately please good sir.

Edited by datsun180, 16 July 2012 - 08:38 PM.

#13 DRE20

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  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 16 July 2012 - 08:48 PM

hahaha well, their no where near how i want them to sit but they were just quickly put on and aligned, rears are 18x10s with 35 profile 265 wide tyres in a +18 offset, with about 4.5 degrees negative camber and as close too zero toe as we could get them...
fronts are 18x9's with a 45 profile tyre and 235 wide in a +30 offset...

pics of the rears with 0.5 degrees negative camber

Attached Image: 411859_3670443725317_971315644_o.jpg

pics of how it currently sits
Attached Image: 277998_3682406584381_1946263222_o.jpg

fronts look a little gay but i will get it there...
Attached Image: 177171_3670606089376_1512963268_o.jpg

#14 Protius

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 08:55 PM

f**kin love how it looks now bro.

#15 DRE20

  • Joined:22-June 10
  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 22 July 2012 - 03:18 PM

So decided to put this heap of shit into a little test and tune and see how loud the stereo is in it.. i thought "oh yeah might be lucky to get 120db... ended up playing this song:


and got 134.3db!! pretty stoked with that considering i have 1 12inch sub.
my result on the right..
Attached Image: 391334_3682915917114_1951987684_n.jpg

#16 DRE20

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  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 31 July 2012 - 10:44 AM

sooo theres an 1/8 mile drag racing thing on in my area this weekend, thought i'd go to it and try practice some launches coz last time i ran this thing on the strip i had 205 street tyres and my 60ft times were like 2.8 seconds :P

so i got 2 of these
Attached Image: et_street_radial_b.jpg

#17 greens14

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  • Location:Australia VIC

Posted 31 July 2012 - 11:05 AM

You gunna get some skirts for it?

#18 DRE20

  • Joined:22-June 10
  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 31 July 2012 - 11:28 AM

not too sure just yet, still unsure of these volks, thinking bout selling them and getting something with a better offset so i can run an 18 inch 265-285 rear tyre so i can stop it from lighting the tyres up when it comes onto boost, once ive finally figured out what rims i want to get ill probably look at a usdm rear bar and luxury skirts then paint.. It needs paint quite badly..


  • Joined:12-October 10
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  • Car:Ra Rodeo

Posted 31 July 2012 - 11:31 AM

Paint is over rated. The less paint you have means less weight bro.

#20 DRE20

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  • Location:Australia QLD
  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 31 July 2012 - 11:43 AM

paint makes the bitches moist bruv :D i'm all about the moistness haha


  • Joined:12-October 10
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  • Car:Ra Rodeo

Posted 31 July 2012 - 11:55 AM

View PostDRE20, on 31 July 2012 - 11:43 AM, said:

paint makes the bitches moist bruv :D i'm all about the moistness haha

You'll be moist on the weeknd ;)

#22 DRE20

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  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 31 July 2012 - 12:40 PM

View PostIHAVEARODEO, on 31 July 2012 - 11:55 AM, said:

View PostDRE20, on 31 July 2012 - 11:43 AM, said:

paint makes the bitches moist bruv :D i'm all about the moistness haha

You'll be moist on the weeknd ;)
if i can get the little f**ker to launch, quite possibly!


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  • Car:Ra Rodeo

Posted 31 July 2012 - 01:00 PM

View PostDRE20, on 31 July 2012 - 12:40 PM, said:

View PostIHAVEARODEO, on 31 July 2012 - 11:55 AM, said:

View PostDRE20, on 31 July 2012 - 11:43 AM, said:

paint makes the bitches moist bruv :D i'm all about the moistness haha

You'll be moist on the weeknd ;)
if i can get the little f**ker to launch, quite possibly!

That can be twisted to sound soooooooo seedy :quagmire: :quagmire:

#24 DRE20

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Posted 01 August 2012 - 04:05 PM

cant wait to get out and try these bad boys out... Hope nothin breaks!
Attached Image: 559260_3753689646413_17876319_n.jpg


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Posted 02 August 2012 - 08:04 AM

^^ That makes me happy in my pants.

#26 DRE20

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  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 02 August 2012 - 09:11 AM

View PostIHAVEARODEO, on 02 August 2012 - 08:04 AM, said:

^^ That makes me happy in my pants.

haha wish i could run em on the volks, that would be epic fatness

#27 aym23q

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  • Car:S15

Posted 02 August 2012 - 09:36 PM

Hey bro, got more details regarding how your Rev limiter was and how it is now? Did you set the soft cut span to a bigger range or something?

#28 DRE20

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  • Car:97 s14a

Posted 03 August 2012 - 09:44 AM

hmm, its hard for me to explain because im only new to links and the whole rev limit thing but as far as i can recall it was set to "IGN%cut" so we changed that to Fuel%cut and it had advanced mode on but before it had adaptive set to on and now its just changed to constant, The current new settings are the same as the old ones only things we changed are what i just mentioned

cut effect was constant,
the limit control range was 200rpm,
hard limit is set to 0rpm,
end cut is 100%,
start cut (TP 100%) is 60%,
start cut TP low is 0%TP,
the exit decay rate is 5%/20ms,
and the last value is Limit ignition trim -5.0degrees.

if you need any more info on it dude dont hesitate to ask, ive got all my settings saved on the computer so i can just open it and look peice of piss.
Are you running the mighty link in your new setup?

heres a screenshot anyways
Attached Image: Untitled.jpg

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#29 DRE20

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 10:05 AM

Ok so something thats been pissing me off about this f**king car is since the day i got it back, its always leaked radiator fluid, so yesterday im gettin my semi slicks put on and aligned as they need about 1ish degree of camber to fit in the gaurds as the rims i got for them are yet again a shithouse offset, and i notice radiator coolant dripping, so im like oh wtf! Anyways its just the bottom hose where it connects onto the engine its leaking from the clamp, ive already tightened the f**k out of it but its still leaks so im going to rip it off and put it on there again as im sick of smelling radiator fluid through my car and if its leaking tomorrow for scrutineering they might not pass me so f**k that im gunna fix it today. Pics up soon :)

Edited by DRE20, 03 August 2012 - 10:09 PM.

#30 danjor

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  • Car:1991 180sx

Posted 03 August 2012 - 07:05 PM

I see a sneaky sr floating around in the background of a couple of them pictures :P. Good to see its running mate, think yourself lucky that your only breaking 1 or 2 rocker arms and not every rocker arm and bending most of the valves like i did... Try taking the hose off and giving the inside a clean and then putting it back on. Ive been away for work since yours was getting built so im finaly screwing my ve head on this week! Btw nice slicks thats the exact same size im running :)

Edited by danjor, 03 August 2012 - 07:06 PM.

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