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Sr20det on KE55? what parts do i need? - Hardtuned.net
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Sr20det on KE55? what parts do i need?

Bryan17syd's Photo Bryan17syd 25 Apr 2013

g'day, i have a 79 corolla ke55 and i want to rebuild the front end and swap sr20det.black top.

what parts will i need and how hard will it be. what sort of prices i am lookin at for the parts.

have time for it and doesnt have to happen right away but i want it done in the next 6 months.

im first year apprentice and i can get help from my teachers and all that. im sure they will give me a hand and help me out with a lot of stuff. but i am not sure where i can actually get parts and what i will need.

later on the track it will get registered and be on road. (will get engineered) anyone who knows how much will the engineering cost be?

(from sydney- happy to import parts to get the best of them)

thx for all the help

Red_Gem's Photo Red_Gem 26 Apr 2013

Hate to burst your bubble but I remember when I was a first year and thinking I could build all these cars and stuff.
Ok so....

Custom tailshaft
Better diff (many to choose from)
Bigger brakes
Better braking system
S13 xmember if you want to use s13 suspension
Custom gearbox xmember
Custom engine brackets/mounts
Fuel system

There is a general rundown of what you need. Once you add all the little peices you will be looking at around 8-10k depending on how much you can fabricate yourself. Then the 6 months to a year of doing all the work and then your fee's and engineering in your state. I would estimate $15-20k on road and engineered. Bearing in mind that's assuming this body you putting it in is MINT and needs no work. Then if you want to sell it you can possibly get $7000 back for it.

A better option would be to buy an S15 and enjoy a good engine/chassis/brake package and not loose a year of your life and your entire first year wage on a junker.

.RONE's Photo .RONE 26 Apr 2013

Pretty much as above.
I have a ke30 as a daily alongside my s13 project and a while back considered yanking out the SR and slapping it into the Rolla.

I already had the motor, box, clutch etc so essentially just needed to sort the final pieces of the driveline like diff and tailshaft.
Costs wayyyyy too much.
There's a bloke on rollaclub forums who sells SR conversion kit crossmembers etc now at a reasonable price, however it'll still cost a small fortune to do the whole conversion completely.

There was a couple SR transplated 30's and 50's on carsales a while back that were close to immaculate for $20ish Grand. Best to buy a finished one if that's what your heart is set on.
It'll cost nearly the same amount to do a 4age conversion properly into one too.
Best bet for some extra cheap power is just slap a 5K motor in it with cams, extractors, a decent exhaust and some bike carbs.
You can also convert them over to EFI easily enough with TownAce running gear for not too much money spent.
It'll boogie.

Remember, the car weighs around 850kg, having too much power in it won't be fun, but a hazard.

Red_Gem's Photo Red_Gem 26 Apr 2013

I know it seems like a 3k cheap and easy swap but we have been there and tried to do that and its really not worth the effort. At the end you have a very very average chassis that will be shit to drive.

Bryan17syd's Photo Bryan17syd 26 Apr 2013

woow 10k was the amount i was most likely looking to spend in a year or so but looks like i am gonna get my s13 back:O
i knew i wouldnt have gotten the money back but i just love that classy look of oldschool rolla but spending 20k in my first year of apprenticeship and all that hard work on it... i started to think its really not worth it.

if i spent 20k on a s13 or 180sx i would probably get much better performance out of it rather then ke55? what u guys think? should i just get rid of it? and get a silvia?

and s15? never.. its just the fact there are too many ppl out there that has no idea what they re doing yet they got s15. i would prefer to go s14 but s15 is a car i ll never buy.

so then the whole thing is changed to spending money on ke55 or just buy a silvia?:o

Red_Gem's Photo Red_Gem 26 Apr 2013

No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't have. If you LOVE your corolla and want to keep it forever then go for it. If you just want a cheap thrasher then save yourself some money, time, heartache and buy a Silvia. Yes you will be like many of us but its just a better all round car (as you would expect).

Agnu's Photo Agnu 27 Apr 2013

I've always wanted to build an SR KE, but after couple of years with Silvia's I decided it'd be a better project when I'm older, have a good operational daily and a decent paying job to fund it. It's simply going to take so long on limited funds, and take such a chunk out of already limited weekly spendings that I don't think it would be appreciated properly and end up being a never ending moneypit. I think it's a killer conversion, but not without stable financial backing.

Bryan17syd's Photo Bryan17syd 28 Apr 2013

put the ke on sale... i really really love silvia anyways i had an s 13 before it was trashed i sold it and i had no funds as well so i think i might go for a 180... i love them and its really awesome project but @red_gem thx a lot man lol u probably have saved me 1000s of bucks, kinda opened my eyes. i still do love ke but as angu says its a better project when ur older and have a better financials... it could be ur weekend hobby to do it up and all that... basicly have answered all my questions. thx to redgem:P ur awesome;)

now awesome! let meee seee them 180s:P lol

Red_Gem's Photo Red_Gem 28 Apr 2013

Good to see you didn't take anything to heart. There are a lot of experienced heads on this forum dude so if you can ask the right questions and accept answers that might not be what you were hoping for you will do well. Remember to hit that search button!