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Hardtuned Classifieds


swilly01's Photo swilly01 21 Aug 2004

ok, i myself am getting very sick and tired of people who are mainly selling their cars and dont know how to post up pics. It has been discussed many times, but this time im gonna make it real clear so no one should have to ask again! Hopefully this can become a sticky or something. I know 90% of you know how to post pics up in threads, but to the ones who dont iv made this little tutorial for you.


1) First thing you need to know is you CANNOT link pictures directly from your hard drive. You need to have your picture on a website on the net. Dont panic though, just because you dont have your own website, there are hundreds of places on the net where you can upload pics to so everyone can see, dont worry they are FREE lol.
A good hosting site is PHOTOBUCKET i strongly suggest you use them!!

2) When you are in Photobucket you need to create a new account. Click on the "sign up free button" as illustrated in the picture below.

Posted Image

3) Now that you have made your account, log into it and you can start uploading your pics to the server. Once you are logged in, click on "My album" as seen below

Posted Image

4) Now time to upload the pics to the site. Once you are in your album, click the "browse" button and find the picture on your computer you want to share. Then click the "submit" button and wait for the picture to be uploaded.

Posted Image

5) Once you have uploaded them, all the pictures should appear just below the submit button in your album.

Posted Image

6) Below each picture, there are three lines of text. The URL, TAG and IMG info. All you need to worry about is the URL line. Highlight all the text in this line, and copy it by pressing control + c.

Posted Image

7) Once youv copied it, go to ns.com or wherever you are posting the pic on. Start a new thread and when you want to add the picture in your post click the grey "IMG" button above the text box. Type in the URL of the pic you want to post which you copied from your album in photobucket, and click "OK"

Posted Image

8) Submit the post and your all done!!!

I cant believe i just did that, but it was really annoying me how no one selling their car knows how to post up pics, because this will really help boost your sale.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and it comes in handy, and if you cant post a pic up after this then you really need help because i made it so even retards can understand how to do it with the obvious pics etc. lol.
Maybe this could be a stickey?? Sorry for the large pics but i have to make it clear.
Anyway, ENJOY!!

View PostFire_Child22, on 28 February 2012 - 06:18 PM, said:

Ok, lets go step by step.

1. Click to reply or create a post

1.1 If new topic is selected, you will automatically have full posting options.

1.2 If replying to a post, click "More Post Options" found in the bottom right side of the window.

Attachment step 1.png

2. Click on "Choose Files" in the bottom left hand side of the screen

Attachment step 2.png

3. A Popup window will open where you can select a vast array of image file formats.
3.1 Choose your desired picture.
Note: If the picture desired is not displayed, that file format is not supported. Open the picture in any picture editor and "save as" a new file format.

Attachment step 3.png

4. Once selected, the chosen picture will be loaded at the base of the posting window. You need to click on "Add to Post" to have it appear in the reply.

Attachment step 4.png

5. It will appear as "Attachment filename.fileformat in the reply window.

Attachment step 5.png

6. Click on either "Preview Post" to check the layout is as intended, or click "Add Reply" to add the post to the thread.

Attachment step 6.png

My good service for the year is done....

teebs's Photo teebs 21 Aug 2004

That was by far the best explanation I've ever seen... good work...

mods sticky this... :D

razar's Photo razar 21 Aug 2004

yeah thats very detailed. cheers 4 that. much appreciated

SXWPN's Photo SXWPN 21 Aug 2004

u can actually post a pic from ur hard drive..
u do it when u make a new topic or make a reply.. there is a option at the bottom where u can upload one pic per topic or reply.. but good stuff man..

swilly01's Photo swilly01 21 Aug 2004

thanks people, i do my best....

Dusky, i see u roaming the off topic section, why not make this a sticky now??

dr1ft_pig13's Photo dr1ft_pig13 22 Aug 2004

cheers for that swilly ur a good man!! :D

.. on 'notha note sxwpn i dn't think ur able to post from ur comp (many ppl say u can't) because once ur offline their is no link for users to view from ... so whilst ur online it looks as though u can view, but offline is another matter ... please correct me if I'm wrong and the pix is actually uploaded 2the ns.com website

teebs's Photo teebs 22 Aug 2004

No, he's not saying to link straight to your hard drive, but in the for sale section there is now a button that says "browse" doing this will allow you to upload a picture from your computer onto the ns.com server and it links automatically. :) This function is not available in off topic, but is available every where else :)

swilly01's Photo swilly01 07 Sep 2004


just need all the noobs to see this sorry to bring it back, but a few people have been asking how to post pics up. Can we please make this a sticky or something?? im sick of people asking the same question over and over.

Sprung Munkey's Photo Sprung Munkey 07 Sep 2004

Agreed. Theres peopl asking in the general section too. Makes it easier if everyone knows the basics of the internet

r31silo's Photo r31silo 07 Sep 2004

thnx, this helped alot and saved me using the search button :D

sr180's Photo sr180 07 Sep 2004

If it is car related, you can post it in the gallery and then link to it from there.

auto_180sx's Photo auto_180sx 09 Sep 2004

u did a great job mate !!!!! thx for it :P

swilly01's Photo swilly01 29 Sep 2004

yet again, i see MANY people especially noobs asking how to post pics, and im getting sick of it! lol

anyway, s13_han's response to her not making this a sticky is that apparently there is already one of these threads explainging how to post pics in the FAQ section or something. The thing is, i never knew that even existed, and im sure many noobs dont bother looking there. Also, i think mine is alot easier to understand and comes with puctures which anyone can get the jist of.


XCelR8's Photo XCelR8 30 Sep 2004

I made one of these ages ago, it eventually got unstickied and got lost, but how can you make a sticky thats not viewable to 56k...................?

swilly01's Photo swilly01 30 Sep 2004

hmm u got a good point there lol. Well i think they can view it itll just take a while, but its worth it for them. When did you make yours xcelR8?

XCelR8's Photo XCelR8 30 Sep 2004

I made mine about 2 months aogo, it described poitn by point even how to signup with a webpage. Then step by step how to put a picture on the internet and lick it back to here.

51CAZ's Photo 51CAZ 30 Sep 2004

excuse me, I noticed this is still not sticked.....it must be.... damn handy sheeaat.

REDFC's Photo REDFC 01 Oct 2004

Why bother using photobucket ?



REDLiNE^'s Photo REDLiNE^ 03 Oct 2004

pure fkn genious i tell u! gw

i wonder if ppl will actually read the 'tutorial' :P

XCelR8's Photo XCelR8 03 Oct 2004

THe thing is, hardly anyone actually reads the stickies unless they actually look at them and half of the people here dont they just look at the newest topics.

spawn's Photo spawn 03 Oct 2004

ah, so after much campaining this thing has finally been made a sticky. Yaaaaaaay.

swilly01's Photo swilly01 04 Oct 2004

hahah yayayayay finally sticky. Anyway, just wondering who made it a stickey? THANKYOU, know hopefully, there willl be alot less people asking how to.

180sxc1's Photo 180sxc1 04 Oct 2004

hehehe..wow...thats great!!

smashworth's Photo smashworth 20 Oct 2004

nice work muffarker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[SR20DET]'s Photo [SR20DET] 19 Nov 2004

well detailed.. thanks for that :)

1600dude's Photo 1600dude 20 Nov 2004

Looking at the threads this was a great success.

Ditto to all of the above.

Trentaa_S13's Photo Trentaa_S13 10 Dec 2004

Thanx for this mate, this has been very helpfulll!!,

Cheers, Trentaaa B)

ATTN's Photo ATTN 12 Dec 2004

hey thats really cool of you to take so much time and effort to do that for the noObs whao keep it up

rota_head's Photo rota_head 05 Feb 2005

thanks buddy now i can post away, and make 56k user's cry :D heheheh

fastback's Photo fastback 10 Apr 2005

thanks a butt load