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In Topic: What size injectors

16 February 2016 - 01:55 PM

I have used the 1000cc Ev14 Style Injectors and the 2000cc Variants. Both Work well but after hearing rumours of the 2000s providing intermittent flow issues, due to the fact that they are a gas injector, i have been trying to stay away from them....

There is a Delphi Injector I have used recently. They flow 1400cc at 3Bar and 1650 at 4bar, have an excellent idle quality and arent a gas modified injector.

Here is a link for an example, These can be found locally for approx 500 a set with connectors.

In Topic: EFR to GTX Comparison

14 February 2016 - 08:23 PM

View PostHerbs_001, on 13 February 2016 - 02:12 PM, said:

"6262" refer below from Forced facebook page..

You do realise this is a Precision 6262, which is roughly the same size as a GTX3582

What are you trying to achieve, the tatters of results that seem to be available on the internet suggest that the BW stuff is slightly more response and much better feel on the road (which could just be hype)

All in all i dont think the difference in a GTX or an EFR of the same size will be life changing. Also i think you have to consider what boost level your going to run, The 7670 compressor peaks at ~45psi Where as the GTX Peaks at ~38psi.

In Topic: GTX3071r and GTX3076R Exhaust Housing Size

25 January 2016 - 06:58 PM

400kw on a Built SR20 with a set of drop in cams should be fairly easy to achieve with around 28-30psi. i have a std sr20 making 320 with poncams and 22-24psi on a GTX2871.

Another SR20 With a GTX3071 that is making 340kw on 22psi with HKS 264/12mm, imagine what another 6 pounds will do to it. Make full boost by 4.5k? Let alone a 3076

Lastly another built SR20 with a GTX3582 .63 housing making 430kw with 260 Procam solids, full boost 5k - 32psi only.

In all my testing ive found that increasing turbo size doesnt really make much difference to power while the turbos are still in effeciency.

I Tried a M8270, GTX3582 and PTE 6466 on the same engine and all 3 made approx the same power at around 24psi - roughly 320kw, It would seem for the larger turbos to work a biger cam is needed

Also tried a little bit of Twinscroll vs non TS and it didnt seem to make worlds of difference, but it wasnt a perfect test.

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