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  1. The Walking Dead

    Going to be on foxtel FX channel tonight at 8.30 if you havint seen it yet
  2. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    God this 90 been around on its 3rd owner in vic had 2 owners in SA and who knows when it was in NSW, good luck with the new beast,
  3. Congrads to vicdrift and crew for putting on a great day, that last corner for watching omg cant wait till next one
  4. 92 R32 GTS-T - $6,500

    Make : NISSAN Transmission : Kilometres : 65000 Price : $6,500 Condition : Used 92 R32 GTS-T 1st owner in Aust 65,000kms Auto 6 Months rego RWC suplied FMIC Advan 16 inch wheels Nissmo rear tail lights Well looked after doesn't get driven as ive just had another child $6500 ONO Ive listed this for a friend, if more info is needed call this number 0431624308 (Dustin)
  5. The Walking Dead

    She uses them to blend in so can walk around without getting noticed, the 2 zombies on chains cant bite or scatch as their arms and jaws have been removed
  6. The Walking Dead

    Nah rick stabbed him and he died turned came back a zombie the kid shot him in head to save his dad Season final next week
  7. winton test and tune

    No for drifting at test an tune, check out wintons web site for more info
  8. Going down this track in the next couple of months with a s13, so ill be keeping an eye on your build on how you go, $200 motors FTW lol
  9. Never got out of the car when pulled over, good thing about having a 4wd is that you look down on them lol, saying that ive never came across a power trip cop
  10. Silvia hoods

    Have you looked into top stage vents and have it moulded into the stock bonnet
  11. Replacing water pump on a 1jz, changing oil filter dam you toyota!!!!! This somes it up..... You have to remove all the timing belt covers, the drive belt and drive belt adjuster, the harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley, the timing belt adjuster and idler pulley, the radiator fan and fan shroud, basically half the front of the freakin' engine! All just to remove the water pump!
  12. Your car - what's happening?

    your mate has a dyno at his house awesome which i had mates like yours WTF house dyno FTW. hope he has good neighbours! his out of town, I asked him that question today when my car was on (dam loud when standing next to door with ext gate under car at full noise)the neighours dont mind, when theirs something big on there they come over to watch,
  13. Your car - what's happening?

    your mate has a dyno at his house awesome which i had mates like yours freebies anytime lol
  14. 1JZ non vvti in JZX90 253kw at 13 pounds china spec T70 Ext gate Helps manifold 2JZ injectors 600hp pump straight through 3" exhaust FMIC
  15. Your car - what's happening?

    had the car dyno'ed today at mates house (JZX90) 1st run made 210kw at 11 pound rich at shit, 2nd run turned up boost to 13 pound still rich made 249kw, worked out that the oxy sensor wasn't plugged in, 3rd run made 253kw, water pump shit itself so called it a day happy with results mods- china spec T70 2JZ injectors 600hp fuel pump ext gate