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  1. Facebook V8 over Japs.

    If only milk comes in 2lt. then anything 5lt and over is a bucket
  2. skid pan day

    True. It would be nice if it wasnt so pricey. its just closer than wakefield. its easier on the car and tyres. and you can go sideways. The wakefield folk dont like it too much going side ways on track days unless its a drift day. I dont drive my car as a daily and it would be good to go for a spin. Oh and its a level 2 in the morning (wide track).
  3. skid pan day

    Hey, Just seeing if any of you are interested in the skid pan day at sutton road on the 6th of May. it would be good to meet some like minded people in the area?
  4. Back in the s series

    Thanks for the support and hints and tips renz now i know tyres govern the size of motor you have.
  5. Back in the s series

    Yeah its great to drive. its 3 seconds a lap quicker than my skyline was and that was just under 270 atw decent koni adjustables and red stuff pads with dba rotors. spose power to weight wins. And even a Qs s13 auto will slaughter a dirty old skyline
  6. List the cars you have owned

    yeah prob good idea to move it if its a simple task
  7. Hey guys,very fresh on the site. so thought id throw out a new topic to see how everyone evolved to owning what they own. I'll kick off with my first car in 95 to now. 77 2.4 datsun 240K 4 door 5spd 83 4.1 ford XE falcon sedan 3spd auto 84 2.0 holden TE gemini sedan 5spd 92 1.6 nissan exa 5spd 83 5.8 ford XE falcon 3spd auto 78 2.0 ford escort 4 door 4spd 93 2.5 nissan skyline gtst 5spd 92 3.0 mitsubishi dual cab 4x4 5spd 69 4.9 ford ZC fairlane 3spd auto 92 2.0 nissan 180sx 5spd 03 4.0 ford BA xr6t ute 5spd 05 4.0 ford courier extra cab 4x4 5spd 97 2.0 nissan s14a 200sx 5spd give it a crack!
  8. Shit talkers' thread

    I was having lunch at work and over heard 2 guys pulling each other off it was gross. they were talking dirt bikes. One claimed he had just finished rebuilding a motor and was taken it for a test ride and the throttle got stuck on and he couldnt keep the front wheel down. the cops started chasing him so he pulled over they were going to book him for no helmet. but he just explained that he used to race motor cross so they said alright just go straight home. So he said no worries kicked it over and just monoed it all the way home. This guy should write fantasy novels.
  9. Back in the s series

    Thanks for the hospitality, the s14 has had a little done the usual pod,full exhaust, frontmount, then slottereds alround with adjustable coils, rebuilt forged internals, ss low manifold,bb aftermaket turbo not sure of the specs, power fc and hand control, e boost2, timer, coils, fuel pump and just put in a exedy hd single button clutch. it has seen 260 at the wheels but has been tuned to just over 240 rwkw 17-18psi.couple sets of rims and off to the track. got a 1:14 around wakefield on the mud and snow rear tyres. its got a bit of lag and was thinking maybe changing the finals as the aussie 3.6 is gettng abit loose anyway. By the way. love the site should be more like it.
  10. ACT Rides

    Hello fellow Canberrans, Just thought i would introduce myself. I have been reading this forum for a while and hope you guys have room for a like minded member in this area. I own a 97 S14a adm Coil overs strut brace engine damper slotted rotors forged internals hd single button clutch fmic exhuast fuel pump injectors bb turbo power fc e boost controller She has pulled just over 260 kwatw but is tuned to 240 @ 17-18 psi. Good times. hope to see you on the road sometime.
  11. Hi everyone. Just bought a brandnew second hand S14a, i have always loved the nissans, had a 180 a couple of years back and was a member but cant find my old user name. I got my first import in 03, an r33 gtst which i had for about 3 years and was great but a bit pretty to thrash around a track. then got a 180 and loved it but living in a group house didnt really have the space for it and had that for acouple of years. then i strayed and went down the xr6t road but the build quality and handling just isnt up to it. So now im back in the seat of a nissan and it is like i never left. so thats the story.