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  1. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    Haha thanks mate, I suppose I'll just donate another hour or so to it. I'm pretty keen to find it!
  2. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    Yeah it's a 1995 and the plate says it is so I'm assuming so. Yeah I had a pretty good look around the fuse box. Honestly cant see anything!
  3. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    Cheers, I've been looking for about an hour and the best thing I can find is this but I highly doubt it's the right plug. Out of curiosity, what is it? Any other ideas before I throw in the towel?
  4. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    Thanks a lot guys. I'm thinking maybe I don't have one. I've spent a good 15-20 minutes searching under the dash and inside the driver side kick panel for one that looks like that and I can't see anything remotely close. Any one got a picture or method of easily finding it?
  5. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    Anyone able to tell me if this consult cable port is compatible with the ECUTalk consult cable?
  6. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    I can't even get it into diagnostics mode. There's no skrew.
  7. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    Thanks buddy think i'll go for the ECUTalk cable as well. Appreciate the help!
  8. Nissan E5 ECU Fault Codes (NO SKREW/LED)

    Thanks buddy, do you think this would be adequate? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Consult-Diagnostic-OBD-USB-Interface-14-Pins-Scanner-Tool-Nissan-/130708911675?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1e6edbb63b#ht_4340wt_902 Also, where do they connect up to?
  9. Hi guys, I'm in need of a huuuge favour. I brought a 180sx about a month ago and I suspect it may be low on vaccum. If someone body could take pictures or draw up a diagram of all their vaccum lines, I'd be able to make sure everything is setup properly and then begin looking for leaks. Some of the hoses were blocked/disconnected so I need to make sure everything is sweet. The car still runs reasonably well, but on the odd occasion, particularly and always if I leave it running in neutral for too long, it runs sluggish and starts "bouncing" at low rpm for a couple of seconds (3-5 seconds... has gone on longer once). I'll check out all the vacuum lines and then start looking at ECU/timing/ignition/fuel if I can't pick up on anything. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot, Josh
  10. SR20DET. Thanks for the diagram. It's reasonably accurate, but differs a bit from my engine. I don't have a nipple on my piping so I can't connect it to the wastegate. Instead I've connected the wastegate to the intake manifold.
  11. Dog SMS

    Eh, not a huge fan of the iPhone SMS jokes. The de-sexing one was good though.
  12. Pink Ping Pong Balls

    Glad you enjoyed it people!
  13. Hi guys, Just wondering if it would be a good/bad idea to use an S15 manual for the purpose of MECHANICAL maintenance on my 180SX. There is no overly good service manuals for the 180SX (best one i've found here), so I am using this S15 workshop manual. So, how does the stock SR20DET in an S15 differ to that in a S13/180SX, and what similarities are there regarding the gearbox, driveline, suspension/steering and any other relevent components. Thanks a lot, Josh
  14. NISSAN 180SX 1995 SR20DET

    NISSAN 180SX 1995 SR20DET Hi guys, about four weeks ago I brought this 1995 NISSAN 180SX for $6,000 in SA. This is my first turbocharged car, having previously only driven a fully stock VR commodore, and I must say I am in love! I've always had a soft spot for the 180SX and now that I finally have one it is now my new pride and joy. I am looking to tidy the car up as much as I can, focusing mainly on body work at the moment because as you can see, the front bumper needs work. Since the picture was taken I've put slightly larger profile tyres on the front to lift it up a little (same as the rear), and I've used good ol' cables ties to do a quick patch repair until I have everything organised. The car is painted a glossy white with what looks like a glittery finish on the paintwork (which you won't be able to see), unless I am confusing this with a pearlescent finish. The car came with an aftermarket (and quite ugly) NISMO dash which reads around 76,000kms on the odometer. The previous owner said the owner before him only had done 20,000 before fitting the new dash, but that's quite unlikely. Nevertheless, it still drives quite beautifully. I also believe that parts of the interior design on the doors is aftermarket (shown in the picture below), and you've probably noticed the handbrake, and gauges (with only the boost gauge currently connected). And now we come to the cars sound system (I am pretty clueless about when it comes to car audio). The car came with a non-mounted 12" alpine sub, 760W pioneer amp and whatever the hell that orange box is; along with alpine front door speakers and tweeters. The car is also fitted with complete Dynamac sound dampener or whatever that material is that The engine bay looks pretty tidy. I'm not 100% sure on what I'm looking at in comparison to a stock 1995 180SX, but from what I can gather it looks like the car has an aftermarket intercooler and piping, radiator, and overflow bottle. The car has a heavy duty clutch and 2-way diff, and features a beautifully sounding stainless steel exhaust system. The gearbox isn't too bad but I think it'll be asking for a rebuild/replacement sometime soon. Oh, and there's no spare tyre! Anyone know why these carbon canister hoses have been disconnected and blocked? So there you have it! I would love to hear all of your constructive feedback/criticism, any information on the engine/sound system you can give, recommendations and must-have's, other things I should be checking, and what sort of value you believe the car to be worth etc. Thanks a lot! Josh
  15. NISSAN 180SX 1995 SR20DET

    Anyone got any ideas?
  16. NISSAN 180SX 1995 SR20DET

    Yeah, I actually like those trim bits. I think if I change the red dash to a silver, it will match the rest of the interior. I haven't made any plans to modify or improve engine performance yet. Like you said, addressing all the areas that need work is first on my list.
  17. NISSAN 180SX 1995 SR20DET

    Mate, you just read my mind!
  18. NISSAN 180SX 1995 SR20DET

    Nah he said it was a 1995, but you're correct, I looked at the compliance plate, cheers. Which white inserts are you talking about? You'd remove the whole audio system? As far as I know, there's only a minor leak in the cooling system.