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  1. any adelaide fellasss

    I know what you mean. I have gone through 15 workout partners over the last 3 years. Some have genuine reasons most are just pathetic. people like us are an endangered species Agreed. Man up, stop being a girl. If you need someone to motivate you then the battle is already lost.
  2. any adelaide fellasss

    Having a gym buddy can be great, but it can also have its downfalls. I've had so many friends come and go. They start off full of enthusiasm.. interest drops off as the training get more difficult, and before you know it their out the door. And fair enough, if you want to train proper and by that I mean squat and deadlift as your foundation lifts, then it takes a certain mental attitude. To be honest I prefer to go on my own. Get to go to gym, in and out, no BS piss farting around and chatting.
  3. car being impounded

    So you want your friends car impounded rather then your own? You sound like a pretty shite mate. Your friends are lucky to have you. Did you ever think that if you didn't drive like a tool you wouldn't be in this situation? Man up and learn from it.
  4. Jaustech or garage 7 ?

    Definitely +1 for Jaustech. Would always call in advance to let me know if there was any extra work needed on the car. Had my old car rebuilt by another "popular" workshop here and had so many problems with it. They kept denying the problems saying it was running sweet. I would take it to Jaustech and Pete would have a look over everything and show me where they f*cked up. I'd then take it back to the other workshop with a list of things incorrectly installed/unfinished. If it wasn't for Jaustech, I would have been screwed over by the other workshop.
  5. I am sick and tired of the level of stupidity and prejudice on ns, and am reminded yet again why I frequent this site less often. Every culture has its bad apples. Focusing on the minority is not a representation of the majority. You don't see the media making a fuss over a white crime, but once its a person of ethnicity it becomes a media beatup. They are perpetuating fear, and the OP if just as stupid for doing the same. If you guys want to argue the old "its unfair they are getting all these government benefits/creating crime" line, then you should have a good hard look at the wider Australian population. We make up for the majority of crime/unemployment/dole bludgers. What? all of a sudden because its a white guy, its ok? By your rhetoric, we should be sending the white population back to England too. I know my post will be pointless as this thread is going to descend into a racist orgie.
  6. how can i gain weight?

    Do as NPR33 said. id probably add the skinny guy routine to your gym program. have your protein with milk. suppliment a protein for a meal if your busy. Have you been gaining any weight since you've started? dont expect dramatic results instantly. I started out at your weight have have put on 20kgs of muscle over 2 years. you can do it if your patient and discplined enough. good luck!
  7. My Training Routine

    So you perform 156 reps (incline, decline, flat) a week of benches, but only 30 reps for squats? There is an obvious imbalance here. Congrats on your results so far, you have been given a lot of good advice here, I hope you impliment them and further progress. Please read PTC newsletters, it will give you a good education, change your ideology on weight training, and teach you a harsh lesson on humility. Goodluck!
  8. what happened to the routine thread?

    Its still here i looked at it only afew days ago. It will be a few pages back.
  9. Broken Bones

    I shattered my arm two years ago. It was in a cast for maybe 3 months and it was another 3 months before i tried any lifting with it. The complete lack of activity had my arm looking like a twig. With an injury I think its important curb your enthusiasm and take things slowly. Dont risk reinjuring yourself by lifting against your doctors advice or lifting heavy. Its better to let your body properly heal then to reinjure yourself and have another lay off. When i got back into the gym i started back from scratch. Lifted really light and slowly week by week worked my way back upto my max. It can be frustrating knowing that you could previously lift so much more but Two years on it feels like that period really flew by. ive put on all the muscle and more in my arms and can lift with 100% confidence in my arms.
  10. WARNING - car almost stolen

    i live in enfield and have never had my 180sx touched Pretty suprising considering its got a kit and i live right next to afew bogans. steering lock and car alarm ftw!
  11. motivation

    my advice is to surround your environment with things that will keep your going. watching youtube clips of people who have transformed their bodies is always a good motivator. Read PTC newsletters, read fitness forums, make friends at the gym.
  12. fish oil

    hey guys, im thinking of taking fish oil as a suppliment to my training. just looking for recommendations as to what brands people use and whats good. are there any negative side affects? ie. smelling bad, flatulence etc. also, i noticed that m&m said taking 20 tablets a day was the go, is that what others are taking? it sounds like it could be detrimental taking too many a day over an extended period of time. my gf who works in the health field freaked out when i told her i wanted to take 20 a day! cheers for the help, - t4t
  13. chinups or pullups?

    hey guys, after fluffing around the gym for the past few years ive recenty decided to seriously see what my body can do with a proper program and diet. ive been doing the skinny guy routine #2 and have a quick question regarding why it is chinups as opposed to pullups? i find i can easily perform the chinups and have been doing pullups instead. i can do chins with 20kg of added weights and find it only really works my biceps which is not my goal. Whereas with the pullups i am getting more of a workout as it works my lats and shoulders whilst using less added weights. is it okay to do pullups instead? or was there a particular reason why chinups were chosen for the program that i am overlooking? on a side note. could someone explain to me the reasoning behind the majority of the exercises being 2x8? i find that i am only just getting warmed up by the second set and definitly have the energy for a 3rd. should i go the 3x8 or stick to the program by the rule? cheers in advance, - t4t
  14. Door lock

    is there any visable damage to the barrel that you can see? the only thing i can think of is maybe someone damaged it using a screw driver whilst trying to break into your car
  15. R.I.P. Minh James

    rip minh. went to school with him, he was always a cheeky little bugger. prayers and thoughts will be with his family.