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  1. Time Attack Leader Board SA

    ns nickname: 350KW Car Make and Model: Mitsubishi Evo 6 Circuit Name: Mallala Motorsport Park Lap time: 1:12.3465 Timing method: Natsoft 06/07/2014 Modifications Engine: 4G63T Power: 325 wkw's Suspension: MCA Red Coilovers, Cusco rear sway bar, front and rear strut braces Tyres: Hankook Z221 255/40/17 Brakes: Stock brembos with DBA 5000 rotors and Carbone Lorraine RC8 pads Other: Built 2.0 litre Mivec engine, 762GTP turbo with cams, full exhaust, intake tuned on E-flex E85 by Mike Dale Automotive Car weight: 1300kg Incar of fastest lap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6gwPxAG12U
  2. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    99% of people who buy the game don't buy it for drifting, Drifting is something they should never have introduced in the GT series. To say GT6 is "same old shit" is a load of shit- GT6 is leaps and bounds better than GT5, it's just not the game for you.
  3. Wanting to goto 300mm tyres 180sx

    Have you even put cost into the equation let alone the headaches involved just to get them to fit/work? Cost of a Hankook Z221 295/30/18 semi-slick is approx $650 fitted per corner BTW. Good luck with all that.
  4. aero dynamics

    That's literally idential to what I have. I think I paid $30 for a pair from Autosport.
  5. aero dynamics

    Yep, that's the crowd. They don't have them on their website but I know they do stock them. They will happily post interstate too if you're having trouble finding some in VIC. Should be able to get 9mm structural ply from Bunning. I personally wouldn't go any thinner than that. At the end of the day, to be strong enough to work properly, you should be able to stand on it (if you're not too much more than 80kg). I doubt that 6mm will suffice.
  6. aero dynamics

    I bought the stays from Autosport in SA. They are adjustable too. I'd suggest something in the 10-12mm mark if you're going to use ply. It needs to be strong. I just used self-drilling hex head screws which are fixed to brackets (bolted to the chassis) as well as the front bar. If you use ply, you could countersink if you really want to be fancy.
  7. aero dynamics

    I used 4mm Alucobond for my car in sparling metallic black! Looks awesome but it's expensive at $225 for a 2400 x 1200 sheet. I have done 1 year of motorsport with it, and it seems to work well to balance out the big APR GTC-300 wing I have on the rear. I am going to continue to use it until/if my car takes it to another level It's not that low to the ground...i'd say 80-100mm. It projects approx 100-110mm from the from bar. I cannot get the car onto the trailer with the spliiter attached, and takes close to 1 hour to fit before a track day. It's a pain in the arse!
  8. Bucket Seats!

    I have a Velo Apex (fiberglass) with wings! Not cheap at $1195 RR but it is awesome, and light.
  9. Nice work with the car mate. It's looking pretty serious! When do you plan to have it completed? What style of events are you looking at competing in? Door to door or Time Attack? Keep up the great work
  10. Left Foot Braking. Do you find it faster?

    It certainly can prove to be beneficial if you're chasing every last 1/10th of a second. As mentioned, left foot braking eliminates the time moving your foot from one pedal to another (brake to accelerator) and it allows you to keep your foot on the accelerator in the middle of a corner (keeping turbo spool up) so when you release the brake, the car is literally like a sling shot. No lag. I left foot brake on the street from time to time as practice but haven't used it yet on the track. I'm currently lapping deep in the 1:13's at Mallala and I would be surprised if left foot braking is going to improve much on that.
  11. 180sx Part Out

    Impressive build mate. Subscribed.
  12. mobile guard roller?

    This may be slightly unrelated, but can someone suggest where I can get some 3mm alloy slip on spacer made? Wheelworx is just down the road from my work but i'd rather give someone else my business if they're a bunch of incompetent f**kwits...
  13. New WTAC Rules for 2013

    Nemo is not a full framed tube chassis unlike the Revolution RX7. The body is moulded around a full Evo 7 chassis barring 230mm of chassis that was deleted from the rear. Apparently, they have to add that back in including 150kg of ballust to comply, add back in B pillars and put on some rear taillight lenses. Not the end of the world for a car of that calibre. I'd imagine that being unable to run the Hankooks would be the biggest sticking point with team Nemo.
  14. Please define in specific terms what an "elitist" is, bearing in mind the average Silvia/180SX is worth 3-5K?
  15. Function before form I agree is the recipe for a great show as far as 'true' enthusiasts are concerned. Hot 4's/Autosalon spec IS a way of the past. Stewy's kamikaze missile and total abortion is a prime example where the line should be well and truely drawn. Fact of the matter is in that case, it's not even welcome on the track (with good reason) let alone the well kept grass of Wigley Square. What may be popular amongst 15 year olds on Youtube isn't IMO the best way to portray the future of drifting/motorsport as well as the import culture given the society we now live in. On another note, questions also need to be asked; a Japanese 'built' vehicle that is fitted with a chinese copy bodykit, fake/copy chinese Rota wheels, fake bride seats, chinese e-bay spec intercooler... is that really considered "All Jap"? Kristian, I have read columns that you have written a published in HPI bagging fake wheels and chinese copy parts. I know that it is a non profit event and the more entries the better for charity but I personally consider a Jap car clad/fitted with knock off parts should be properly scruntinised. id prefer to see something slightly beater thats driven (hard) than something that sits in the shed 340 days of the year that looks shiney. now im tempted to enter mine as is just to shit you. Coming from a moderator, that is a poor attitude to take. My car gets driven harder than 95% of the cars that enter AJD, stone chips and all, it still scrubs up well