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  1. Hi all! Im planning to go borgs 6758 internal gate turbo. T25 flange. I was wondering which low mount manifold to use ? As most low mount manifolds hit the block ive been told? Which suits best? Does a 6 boost clear it Low mount options only please Thanks
  2. Wtb s15 6spd clutch

    Wtb s15 organic type clutch Melbourne 0422 700 263 -Corey
  3. Hi guys need help with picking a ebc Its ether turbo smart eboost2 or greedy Profec? Turbo smart is 100dollers more. And is like a gauge greedy profec is flat and looks like a better unit! What do you guys suggest which is the better one cheers!
  4. Hypoid gear oil in r200 s15 dif

    I bought 85/110 penrite pro gear oil. Im unsure of my centre and cbf dropping my diff hopefully it'll b OK
  5. Is it okay to use hypoid gear oil in s15 diff? All api gl5 specs just stats Hyoid gear oil on it? Tha ks
  6. Ive got a decent 6spd gear box everything feels fine. Minus my reverse its super notchy and takes abit to find it sometimes. i have to select 3rd gear and rev it sometimes once sometimes 5 times. lol was wondering as im doing my clutch soon what oil to run?? Motul 300? Redline superlight ? also some people running penrite pro oil in there 6speeds? but it isnt the recommend GL4? Thanks in advanced.
  7. S15 rear subframe bushes question

    all done and dusted when installing poly bushes the metal bit MUST come out. what a son of a bitch of a job.
  8. my excess is 950 on both cars lol fuck sake i got a good driving history but just young Af -,-
  9. yeah dude, all sorted got my daily and my 15 insured for 200 a month 25yo and turbo fkn milking me lol
  10. Just got my Poly gktech bushes and soild diff bushes in the mail yay!!! and was wondering if anyone done there rear subframe with poly bushes? if so does the metal piece ( surrounding of the bush ) that is holding in the OEM bush have to come out??? Thanks in advanced.
  11. WANT TO BUY nismo engine mountsvs15

    i did know about taarks but being abit expensive for the mounts.... shop perfectrun is almost 100bucks cheaper. thanks dude!!!
  12. WANT TO BUY nismo engine mounts suit sr20 return flow FMIC
  13. super clean JDM 1999 s15

    reads on the boost gauge just above 0.5bar so yeah roughly exactly 7-8 ?
  14. super clean JDM 1999 s15

    Hi guys so after all the years of being a s chassis owner and dreaming of owning a jdm s15.The day has finally came. So i bought myself a jdm s15 after a year plus of looking for a relatively stock one with low kms good history etc JDM Nissan silvia s15 After market Low mount manifold After market Dump pipe 2.5inch Exhaust Cat back braided turbo lines turbo smart boost T( only running half a bar ) mushroom filter soon to be a pod filter Bc coilovers all round Rear swing arms ( Unsure on brand haven't hosited the car as of yet ) Viper alarm system Concave wheels annd dont let me forget a button clutch... the worst fukn thing i have ever driven with.. i dont understand how some of you people rate them they are the absolute worst things ever..... HD clutch coming soon !