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  1. The power bug bites...

    No.. that is the reverse to your issue.. If the wastegate was too small you would be having problems with too much boost.. Think about it.
  2. RC nitro Buggies

    Also just had dealings with Rchobbies.com.. Great guys that know there stuff.. Got a HPI rs4 Evo 3+, to upgrade my old car, will have to get a buggy next. Nitro's are definately a pain in the ass compared to electric, but one of those things that is worth the extra hassle i think.
  3. CA18DET Prob

    See if you can borrow a known working set of coil packs from another CA.. If that fixes your problem, you know one or more of your coils can't hack the increased load..
  4. Give the kid a break .. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...=187153&hl=
  5. teen sends 14,528 text in one month

    ^^^ Doubt it.. If she was fat she wouldn't have any friends to message..
  6. Answering The Phone

    I thought it was you.. Thats why i didn't answer...
  7. Sucking... and Blowing

    I have done the blowing and sucking through the nose ages ago mucking around.. The noise it makes is hilarious. And it feels f**ked when your getting the air sucked out of you, feels like you can't breath at all and your going to die..
  8. rock hard brake pedal

    Adjust the handbrake off.. It is probably touching all the time due to the thickness of the new pads..
  9. NS.com LOOK-a-LIKE thread!

    How the hell can anyone say she has muscles popping everwhere? FFS she is just lean and trains a bit.. The only resemblance of muscle is tiny triceps and delts like most would have if they were that lean..
  10. DEXTER

    Easily my favorite show. Have even bought the books.. Sad that there is only one episode left in this season. Hopefully it will be Epic.
  11. If its not smoking on full boost, and only on idle, how can people think its the turbo? Its Valve stem seals IMO. Happening under vacuum = Idle. Mine has the same problem. To rule out the ring idea, do a compression test. Change the cam cover gaskets, The oil would of only run down the thread of the plug when undoing them.
  12. Tropical Fish Tanks

    Use the idea of jamming the media in your new filter into the existing one, and transferring it later.. Once the bacteria is established on the media, it multiplies very quickly.. Just hanging gravel is not really that good, (not much bacteria lives in gravel as there isn't great amounts of oxygen passing through it), unless you are using under gravel filters, which you should be any way because they are shit..
  13. Tropical Fish Tanks

    What type and size filter are you planning to use on the 4ft tank?
  14. Tropical Fish Tanks

    It is ok to use certian products which only contain pure ammonia.. Although i am not sure which ones are in Aus.. And to the "errr dude go to a fish shop and you can get nitrates and amonia to add to cycle tanks. etc" You are talking about Bullshit "tank cycle" in a bottle, that DO NOT work. Unless you are using a product called BIO SPIRA which needs to be kept chilled at all times, and if not the bacteria count die.. Just use fish food, it breaks down and turns to Ammonia.. But how in the hell do you not have the whole cycle thing sorted by now, it can be taught to a damn 5 year old..
  15. Fish Tank Filters?

    Canister or multiple HOB's are both good options.. Although a good canister will give better results..