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  1. Interesting idea. Could be onto something... Good luck with it
  2. bike rider killed

    The motor bike rider was only 19!!! too young so sad.. Another reminder about how precious life is. Im hoping it wasnt someone off here driving like a tool first thing this morning... I agree with what R32GTRS said.. if they cant get the colour right maybe it wasnt a skyline at all.
  3. Hahaha! TN you never fail to crack me up
  4. i wanna know more! really.. you wanna know more... ewwwww ... whyy
  5. P plater restrictions

    They will probably do it - I think anyway.. I was listening to the radio this morning and I cant remember the exact figures but with the amount of young deaths on the road this year in addition to the hundreds of serious injury, they will have to do something to make the public think that they are doing something to resolve the problem. I voted yes it will help but in saying that I'm not 100% convinced because these kids with the need for speed will still be able to get a barina to chug along at 120 aswell. My little brother is about to be able to drive on the roads without adult supervision and it scares the shit outta me. They should lift the ages... 18 for driving alone... 21 for drinking... you don't want to give them the opportunity to drink and drive all at the same time. Because that too will cause separate issues.. NO FUN FOR TEENAGERS WOOOO! hahaha
  6. While the link was loading all I could think of posting was can we now see a pic of you and one of your dad.... hhahahaha
  7. theres legal ones and illegal ones... you need to be licenced to do prostitution licence is usually done by brothel... the illegal ones are the ones who solicite themselves on the street... violation of licence agreement or the ones who are unlicenced... the diseased ones baby bonus FTMFW!!!!! wow! you know a lot about them... experienced?? LOOL Baby bonus!! BAHAHAHAHAHA I hadnt thought of that either! hahahah
  8. ^^^ owww nice.. hadnt thought of it like that... hahaha
  9. LOOOL HILARIOUS! I wonder if she also claimed work cover because it happened at work and she was temporarily unable to perform her duties! What a crock of shit! He shouldn't have to pay.. that's rubbish... I would also be asking for a DNA test. I thought prostitution was illegal anyway???
  10. Ive started at GoodLife at West Lakes.. used to be Zest... $34 per fortnight... They are chockers after work so its not worth going then but at the crack of dawn its perfect if I manage to get my arse out of bed.
  11. Stolen VW Golf,

    oh shit!!! thats terrible! Sorry to hear that... Im a fan of the golf.

    was waiting for this place to get mentioned. they are the best in town, all the wheel places recommend them. if u can actually get a booking. they are able to do any adjustment to ur car with all ur aftermarket suspension, and they actually understand what ur trying to achieve (best grip, tyre wear, fitment). they can also do ur hicas (front and rear) alignment, which can be a bitch. been taking all my cars there for many years and always do a top job. + 1