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  1. Skidpan day @ Sutton

    Well i need to book her in for a service and see if everything is okay i may just come out ? but not actually driver her depending on whats the G O .
  2. Skidpan day @ Sutton

    Bought my silvia today may bring it out got 6 sparies to burn but not sure if i want to run it and somethign f**k up wouldnt be too good
  3. My Fuel Economy...

    Mines an NA SR20de 1992 silvia, I routinely get up to 650 sometimes 700 km per tank (leaves me with 5 litres left) I do drive to work on the freeway though which helps. and I don't drive it hard like I used to... corollas overtake me anyway!
  4. Hey R1, my car did this soon after i got it back in 99. My car would run alright, but when I was at an intersection and put my foot down, there was no power and the revs droppped down. It was the air sensor... Josh
  5. a good suggestion, I hadn't thought of that.. the immobiliser is a fuel cut-off type too but I always hear the fuel pump after key is turned and before I try to start it up. J
  6. Hi, Hoping for some advice. I have had my 92 SR20DE Silvia Since Mid 99 and and would start first time everytime for years. But slowly it has been having problems starting. It is completely stock (except Muffler) and 228,000 on the clock. Been serviced every 10,000 by same mechanic and recently had Platinum plugs replaced as they were due. It doesn't like to start in the mornings and has time has gone by, it is the same at 5pm after work, hot days cold days, it doesn't matter. Also, if I start the car run it for 30 seconds and then try to start in the next morning it REALLY doesn't like it, maybe a dozen attempts to start before it will go. Strangley enough, was not run for 5 weeks last August while I was on Holiday..I reconnected the battery when I got home and it started first time. I will describe it but thought a youtube video was easy so you can listen to it, turn up the volume so you can hear it and watch the Tacho. The tapping noise in between attempts is me on the accell. pedal. The starter motor runs ok, but it just doesn't sound like fuel is going in to be ignited. My boss has suggested the diaphragm on the fuel pump may be leaky and the fuel is not staying where it should? What do you think? Thanks Josh PS Car always seems to behave itself when going in for service so my mechanic hasn't ever gone into it.
  7. RAC adjusted mine for free when I forst got my silvia in 99. My headlights were way out. They used a Hella box thing and the light when thru and they adjusted them with a long driver down the back of the headlights.
  8. Do S15 rear seats fit in s13 as well?