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  1. any original ns.coms still here?

    HI hi hi hi Goochie....shizzer some oldies in here
  2. Fitness

    Hey ladies...I train nearly 6 days a week lately. I do the 1000 steps with workmates 2 times a week, the firebreak (3 x harder and longer than 1000 steps) once a week and try and runj up to 10k once a week and cycle up to 40 k once a week and have a personal trainer once a week. Not a fan of gyms so most my work is done outside in the weather regardless of conditions. I am lucky to have a few ppl that also enter fun runs and we are tackling the trail run series here in melb starting in July. Tonight I"m taking on my forst Bikram yoga class...yay!! So i guess you could say I'm pretty active and as such my fitness is on the improve!
  3. What do you do?

    Well I start my new job this week. Very exciting after 2.5 years of a boss that treated me horrible I'm moving from Honda. ps: do not buy a new v6 or a new honda civic, and ensure your euro has had the upgrade to conteract detonation. lolz BYYYEEE HONDA =)
  4. Job satisfaction

    Im a service advisor....the job is ok but my boss is a hardcore bully so i end up really really stressed when my other college is not there to act as a buffer zone. Time for a new job....lol I have been saying that for 6 months....I guess im just lazy and figure its better the devil you know...
  5. latest stats 245 rwkw @ 15 psi..
  6. update: new turbo on 12 psi 229 rwkw waiting on injectors and afm to up boost
  7. hope to be there again....in the whale tho still haha
  8. Girls only hills run

    Surprised more chicks arent in for this, there are quite a few female members on here....of course I'll be in, wouldnt miss it
  9. Trust only in greddy As for the shitbox running 198 rwkw with pod filter, remap, 11psi, return flow f/m, fuel pump, 3 inch exhaust with de cat, no rear muffler lolz...and has a bit of extra stuff not related to engine go-age. Still waiting for a trust external gate kit for her....its been over 3 years now....hahaha.

    Def interested.
  11. Meh you cant argue with idiots, which 90% of ppl I deal with are...leaving a mere around 5% left to argue with....as for the other 5% they dont speak so cant argue with them. As for me nothing like a good debate but to refer to it as an argument, seems a little too harsh.
  12. Chewing Gum

    G L with the quitting thing...should cold turkey fail GO WITH CHAMPIX. After years and years of smoking 8 days of champix and voila....job done. Champix makes quitting easy. Extra whitening fan here.
  13. Should plastic surgery be acceptable?..probably not but is it, yes. We turn to fake hair, teeth, tans, nails, eyelashes, eye colors etc etc was only a matter of time before cosmetic procedures on a larger scale joined this list of must haves. As a female there are certain aspects of my person I change on a regular basis...from hair to colored contacts does this mean I'd feel ok with major works on other areas...absolutely.....or so I like to think. But being unhappy with a certain aspect of your body then actually going under the knife after researching all possibly risks pre and post op are two very different things.
  14. Whats your favourite car colour

    the only colour to have ...