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  1. nismo lmgt4 18x9.5 +12 with tyres

    price drop 2.5k
  2. nismo lmgt4 18x9.5 +12 all round front tyres federal 595ss 215 some camber wear average condition rear tyres achillies atr sport 265 almost new some rashing all round, shitty matt black paint job courtesy of import monster where i purchased from in 2012 shitload of pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/c6cKP ta $2500 located country nsw can freight
  3. Recently (less than 2,000km's old) built by Advance Motor Mechanics, new syncro set Z32 Gearbox with Engineered to Slide (ETS) Z32-SR adapter plate, no alignment issues Ppg selector fork 3rd-4th Modified shifter 3.5" one piece tailshaft with big uni Jim berry clutch Extreme flywheel 6kg bought this through PJ's quick bits, has just sat on the pallet for a year located country nsw, will freight wherever $4000 ta
  4. EFR 7163 results

    these are e85 results yeah?
  5. 180SX body kits

    kit is gp sports http://www.gpsports.co.jp/aero/gsonic_o/180_evo.html costs a f**kload
  6. springvale rd police chase

    the car looked pretty good until it got smashed into oblivion lol
  7. voted for because really who gives a f**k what other people do lol
  8. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    pretty sure any turbo is gonna shit itself with the oil feed blocked, precision or not lol
  9. what's the deal with avgas is it really worth the hassel? i have access to it but thought it was just 100 octane
  10. 180sx Type X circuit build

    looks incredible
  11. makes fun of ronald mcdonald in his profile picture as revenge for being molested by a clown as a child
  12. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    sure about that torque figure lol?
  13. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    your car looks awesome