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  1. First-timer Build

    got these rims coming on order for the sil! woo!
  2. First-timer Build

    its the same here in australia, usually something like this would cost heaps. Lucky i found it in a yard sitting and he was going to get around to figuring out what was wrong. hahaha i dont think he was. im stoked for the price
  3. First-timer Build

    I purchased a Sparco (genuine) quick release and steering wheel awhile back and tried to fit them this weekend at home. (yay finally finished uni!) Turns out i need to buy a NRG short hub boss kit otherwise the steering wheel is in my face so im going to save for that. but in the mean time the old one and added the sparco for ultimate drift spec
  4. First-timer Build

    yeah i thought it was a steal! im unsure of using a gentleman front bar because they have no indicators and they would need to be added to make it legal. i might try and find a front lip for the stock bar and rock that for awhile or see how a bn looks with the rest of the kit.! thanks for the reply but.
  5. First-timer Build

    hey mate i will deffinately look into doing that ! thanks for the tips. im very new in the car world and as much help as i can is awesome. if the ca doesnt work out ill either go a ca18det or just run an sr20det. im not really up for a big conversion yet and if i did id just do it to a track car and wouldnt have to worry about it all being engineered for road.
  6. First-timer Build

    Hi guys, i have read through a few builds before so kind of understand the gist of this place. I have owned my s13 for about 6 months now. I was looking for some kind of s-chassis for a while now and finally found on that had been sitting in a guys paddock for years after he daily drove it and seized the engine. It was what i thought was an incredibly stock, ca18de, auto sil that was left for dead and i was its saving grace. After borrowing a car trailer and bringing it home and giving it a wash (removing god knows how long worth of leaves and gross off it), i took some pictures. It is still running stock rims thats how stock it is some of the main damaging being on this panel but that will be worried about down the track the infamous ca18de powerplant that from what i have heard blew a hose and seized. oh and yes they are after market cusco extractors which the old owners cousin who owned it before him sourced from japan for a exxy price and put on. after talking to him i found a rather nice list of mods that had been done to the car. so there it is. my $500 Nissan Silvia. Stock as a rock. The list of existing mods include Cusco extractors, hks lowered springs, kyb shocks, thermo, trans cooler, sr20det front brakes rotors and calipers, ferodo ds2500 pads, r200 vlsd diff and probably a few more little ones. oh may i also add that im a full time uni student living away from home (and from the car) on full centerlink and a part time job at kfc, so this build happens as money comes in. so over the past few months a fair few parts have been aquired such as; new uncracked headlight, full set of HEL braided brake and clutch lines, a working ca18de engine (for now) and manual transmission, sr exeedy clutch and sr flywheel (has been researched and is strong and will work with minor mods), full manual conversion parts, new solid gktech steering bushing, overflow bottle, and a few more little things. my biggest recent buy was rear bar and skirts of a supermade instant gentleman kit that i am in the process of installing. it look pretty sick i think. (excuse the multi colors and missing boot lid. ) these are all just siting at the moment and are ready to be drilled and fitted. this is where i currently am. ive just finished my final uni exams for the year and ive started working 5 day weeks so the money shall start to come and then so will build progress. Keep y'all posted. Hangloose, CG