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  1. chris s2 r33 build 377.4rwkw

    got to love the launch control
  2. chris s2 r33 build 377.4rwkw

    Ok here is my s2 r33 I bought it when it was a fresh import completly stock only had 78,XXXkms its now just under 120XXXkm first mods was boost gauge and exhaust from turbo back 3 inch with De-cat pipe then I earthed out the boost solionid so would run constant 7psi i still wasnt happy with the performance so i upped the boost to 10psi and put a decent sized front mount then it stayed like that till i high flowed the turbo and run 12psi. but as you all know the stock ecu are crap and has flat spots when the boost is wound up and coil packs brake down so in went some yellow jacket coils and as much as people say there crap i have not had an issue with these. car stayed with these mods for around a year when i got bored i took it off the road and started to do some decent mods first was *pedders xa coilovers *rear camber arms *front camber arms *whiteline sway bars front and rear *adjustable caster rods *front facing plenum *bosh 044 mounted in tank with custom bracket *sard fuel pressure reg *e85 fuel lines *850cc e85 compatible injectors *hks fuel rail *tomei pon cams *link g4 ecu *55mm alloy rad *oil cooler *90mm throttle body *gt3582r turbo *50mm external gate venting to atmo *braided lines *high mount exhaust mani *high/low boost control via computer *launch control via computer *temp controlled rev limits via computer *fresh shimmed diff (locked) *excedy solid 5 puk clutch photos will follow making 253rwkw in 12 psi 377.4 on 20 psi