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    Hi everyone, I'm after some advice. I've been training for the last maybe 2 - 3 months.. I'm in pretty bad shape (although not as bad as I was 3 months ago!!) I don't want to lose weight, im happy-ish with the scales.. labby skin after a 67kg but I really want to tone up some flabby skin after a 67kg weight loss... i am really weak and want to build up my strength and carve some really nice looking muscle (although I don't want to go schwarzenegger.. just nice and athletic looking.. what should I be doing? Currently I have 1 pt session per week at the gym and then i do a few classes like pump, combat and cx worx.. i also do 50 squats per day... I have just started a farily high protein diet (poached egg whites and multigrain toast for breaky, tuna & watercress on multigrain bread for lunch, banana and protein shake for arvo tea and then most nights it's chicken for dinner).. I have just started taking creatine 1/2 an hr before a workout to help muscle recovery.. I'm starting to see a little definition in my arms and now I'm hooked... what can I do to speed up the process? Are there any good supplements I can get that will build muscle faster?? Thanks so much, I hope this wasn't a dumb question!!