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    I own a Nissan Silvia s15 and a Vr commodore Silvia Cruises,
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  1. rear brake pads

    just wondering where in sydney region would sell rear brake pads for the nissan silvia s15
  2. mean/beefy body kits for s15

    thanks all suggestions would be great as i want to start working up my silvia s15 now any ideas on what looks good on a white s15 carbon fibre bonnet
  3. hey just wondering some mean / beefy/evil looking body kits for the nissan silvia s15 also good exhaust to get for autech stock thanks heaps
  4. good black deep dish rims

    im willing to spend what ever and iv looked at the lenso d1rs i liked them for a bit but slowly gt turned off them
  5. good black deep dish rims

    Just wondering what are some good deep black dish rims for a white s15
  6. Silvia Cruises

    Hey Guys Just wondering on silvia cruises in sydney nsw also online sites for nissan silvia s15 parts thankyou
  7. My New Nissan Silvia S15

    yeah haha but he was just being a f**kwit trying to say i didnt just buy it untill i waved the papers ect in his face still unsure on what i can mod to keep it p plate legal
  8. chroming the engine bay

    All of the pipes and blue leads and hoses
  9. chroming the engine bay

    Hey guys not to sure if this has already been covered just bought a nissan silvia s15 and I wanna chrome the engine bay (pipes ect ) Im from nsw australia If anyone would be able to give me links or anything to buy these chrome pipes that would be really good thank you
  10. My New Nissan Silvia S15

    My defects were not a stock exhaust apprently my hoses were bong hoses and my pod filter tried doing my carbon bonnet But thanks heaps guys yeah police get on my nerves
  11. My New Nissan Silvia S15

    Haha Thanks guys yeah i love her except cops the day after defected me i like my rocket cover though
  12. My New Nissan Silvia S15

    This Is My new Nissan silvia s15 Completely Stock 54 000 Kms On The Clock I Am going To start Adding on mods Engine / Handling / Interior Ect I thought this would be the website to start keeping track . Any ideas would be excellent as im just starting off with silvias Sydney This car is now from Jap spec imported 2 weeks ago