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  1. Chris' cars

    Blew my front shocks. I have never been in a worse handling car. It is seriously fantastic. I hit bumpstops about 4 times within 25 minutes Also - just scored some Tein Super Street coilovers!
  2. Nick's Zenki

    Oooh - thanks for the info bro! Sorry for the random old bump. Such a nice looking car.
  3. Nick's Zenki

    BUMP Sorry for such an old bump. What headlights are these? No way are they factory...
  4. WATCH OUT. Rice alert

    Absolutely awesome - cheers for that dude
  5. WATCH OUT. Rice alert

    Hey guys, I know how rice this is. But you know what? I really don't care. Okay - was thinking about my flashers/indicators the other day. They are quite a harsh On/Off system. I was wondering if any electrical gurus out there could help me with a relay that would make it more of a slow pulse vs a harsh on/off.
  6. Chris' cars

    So... I couldn't help myself, found some S15 carpet! Before the carpet goes in I need to find a S14 dash! I have big plans for this.
  7. Chris' cars

    The number plate on my MX5 is TROLOL Because I was sick of having a random one, and because I'm an asshole. So, to make sure the s14 doesn't feel left out.. I have just purchased TR0L0L ;D Pretty happy with that. Also getting some new wing mirrors mounted tonight. Getting a megasquirt ECU done in the next month/month and a half. New heavy duty clutch. And keeping an eye out for a VE head.
  8. Chris' cars

  9. Chris' cars

    Did some hooning, cars going sweet - I believe I have a timing belt knock thingy... Painted the front grill from the horrible matte black to a sexy paint matched red. Well, oil change next weekend, then I have a few parts to collect and install... New brakes. Bumper alignment (front and rear) AEM Boost and wideband Nardi Calssico Steering wheel Oil change (this weekend) Timing belt tensioner Bee*R Rev limiter install Link G4 ECU
  10. Chris' cars

    Modifications have begun, allbeit slowly. S15 rear seats were picked up last night $80! Such a steal. So they will be going in tonight, getting rid of the s14 crappy rears. Also removed the soft top from TROLOL and dummied up the new carpet as I waited for paint to dry (literally)
  11. Chris' cars

    Miata's are the most homosexual car out there. Each to their own I'm rather happy to be back in a S chassis. Also, see the front grill that is matte black? Shall I paint match it?
  12. Chris' cars

    Yup! It was running Axis for a while. They were the first aftermarket wheels I had owned, got carried away with the stretch.. Sold them, now running on XXR 002's I am keeping an eye out for any RPF1s that come up!
  13. Chris' cars

    Haha If it's clean now... Wait till I'm done! I quite like the wheels it's sitting on at the moment. Work Nezart. Only other wheel I would go for would be Work Meister S1
  14. Chris' cars

    Decided to leave this under "Silvia" Most of the work I post up on here will be in regards to my S14. I own two cars, one 1990 Mazda Miata and one 1993 Nissan S14 Silvia Turbo. I can tell you now, I wish I never brought the Mazda. Ever since I have wanted to enhance every car I own. So, I brought the Miata early 2012, I believe it was March. And I had plans to slam it and turbo it. And I mean like -6 deg camber. That didn't happen, well it did, just not for long. I went on a late night Touge with some friends and realized "hey, being slammed isn't actually that great" so I got in the garage raised it up a bit, played with my alignment setting and voila I now have a low mountain car. There are tons of mods on the car. But the biggest one is still being built, the 1.9 litre ITB BP engine. Should be cool! Pictures of the Miata.. Between the Miata and my s14 I have had, another s14, and a BMW E30. I simply missed my first S Chassis, and the e30 was far from powerful. It did 0 - 100. That was it, no time, it got there eventually.. Anyway, the S14... Pictures tell 1000 words.. For now, the S14 is sitting nicely, it has a lot of work that needs doing to it. Heavier tints, bumper alignment, cut and polish, new rear seats. Etc HI!
  15. Hey from NZ

    I'll definitely look into it man, first things first, get the mx 5 back into a running condition >.< I also decided to knock the boost on the s14 from 5psi up to 10psi over the next week/fortnight. I look forward to seeing what it's like at 10. At 5 it's quite powerful. The build thread idea will probably go ahead sometime, but more of a diary sort of thing, a build thread for the two cars