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  1. Vic - garage sale

    *Bride RX drivers rail $200 (Fits recaro sr3/4 etc) *Power rail passenger $150 (Fits almost every bottom mount combination) *3.91 abs diff with 5bolt drive shafts for conversion$250 Good condition vlsd centre *dunlop direzza 0G3 semi slick pair $100 235/40/18 pair ~50-60% life *leather GT front seats , good condition $500 *r33 rear discs and RDA rear pads with plenty of meat $30 *set of standard cams $50
  2. Work Meister S1 3 piece 18x9+20 all round 5x114.3 Low disc, for maximum dish Comes with tyres Minor gutter rash on 2 of the wheels $2500 South east melbourne or can meet somewhere Willing to pack and post, at buyers expense Previous owner cleared his brakes on an evo 5 , my fronts needed 10mm spacer to clear evo 9 brembos on an s15 with custom dog leg setup (probably due to the dogleg setup)
  3. Do you have any pics of what the hipposleak spoiler lip looks like mounted ?
  4. E85 & EPA

    yeah thats right, but if you fail emissions, prepare for rape time
  5. Work emotion bronze cr Kai's suit s15

    $600 for all ... dude will you ship ?
  6. Garage bits clean up!

    What thread pattern are the project mu nuts ?
  7. Did not receive Interested in the passenger side bride rail posted to melb . Can you pm me your number
  8. evo 9 seats into an s chasis

    butcher some bride super lows and make them fit .. or else youll be forking out for bride RX / MO rails i think they were
  9. yeah dont bother, i was in your position too lol . evo brembos at the front, bm57 off r33 GTR (ABS), and r33 gtst rear setup. It gives you the advantage of having a drum handbrake setup, so while you get your pads hot and what not, you can still yank at the handbrake and get a consistent feeling from it. make sure you get the r33 handbrake cables, youll be able to connect them without dropping the subframe, dont listen to people otherwise lol. and .. have decent rear pads and discs, or else youll have bias and abs issues. I found this out the hard way