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  1. Hey guys, I know a few of these have been floating around on a lot of other forums, I just wanted to start up a new topic on the subject of headroom in the 180sx. I've said before but i'm really interested in buying a type x with minimal mods. I'm 6ft 3 maybe 4 now. I've been for a ride in my friends s14.5. I fit really well with a lot of headroom to spare (Did have some gangster lean tho) And i have sat in my other mates S13 and tipped the roof a bit (didn't adjust the seat tho) The question i have is How much headroom would i have with and without a sunroof? (Stock seats and rails.) I don't care much about legroom, I find having my knees bent a lot to be rather comfortable for me. Does anyone here own a 180sx and is tall like me? (: Sorry again about this post, Thanks Guys!
  2. Edward lee's?

    Thanks for the replies guys, Yeah i heard something about a r34 gtr from them that was wound back a lot. I'm not going to buy from him i was just curious, Thanks for the help though eveyone. Wow dude, f**k dat :/
  3. Edward lee's?

    Hey guys, I currently live in WA, I posted before about purchasing a 180sx type x, I've been hunting the streets and gumtree for a 180sx type x (minimal mods) I was just wondering if anyone here has dealt with edward lee's before? Purchasing from afar or Nearby. I have heard some bad things about them winding the ODo back. But i'm unsure if this is the case for this car? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/concord/cars-vans-utes/1997-nissan-180sx-type-x-turbo-white-manual-hatchback/1020542152 It's in the pricerange i'm looking for, I'm curious as to your thoughts on this? I'm not big on buying something i can't see myself. But its hard to find an original spec 180sx x Cheers guys.
  4. I'm just curious on how much more room you get in all the 4door skyline models compared to the 2door's (: Rear leg room? Head room (If there's any difference) and which model has the most room, I'm quite interested in the r32 myself (: Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks guys (: I plan to keep it as stock as possible, kinda want to give it the "factory fresh" look (: If anything it should be better than trying to drive my brothers car. (Ratty as hell ford xd, with a v8 4L or 5L) Yeah, i don't plan to drift it or anything, if i wanted to drift i'll just buy a cheap s13 with mods already (: Thanks again guys, Big Help! (:
  6. hey thanks for checking this post out, every comment helps. I've managed to save up $13,000 to spend on a car. I've also got a bit to buy a little run around car if the Silvia needs some work done. I really love the looks of the 180sx and S13. i've visited a few other forums and wanted to know a few things. (Wanting to get one with a less modifications as possible and stock power.) -How comfortable is the ride in either of them? (Wanting to get one to use as a daily.) -Any common problems? the car is getting on in years. -i love the 180sx, but if i was to get one i'm hoping to score a type x. i probably need a bigger budget tho. -Has anyone else here have a 180sx or s13 as their daily? it be nice to hear about it (: -Any friendly tips in general? Thats basically it, I don't care about fuel economy ect if i did, its the wrong car. ahaha. Would it be better to wait for a typex 180 to come along? (i do love the looks of the body kit and seats xD) thanks guys. (: