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  1. Opening up s15 gearbox

    i've read through the workshop manual and indeed i need to pull gears and some other stuff from the back of the box. I don't have a puller big enough and i've had no time to get one. bought a new box for the meantime and i'll give it another shot soon. thanks for the advice to all.
  2. Opening up s15 gearbox

    the bellhousing and centre housing do split, but only separate about 8mm. from there it seems to be held together with something internally
  3. I can't seem to be able to open up the bellhousing for the s15 gearbox. I have removed the rear housing (gear shifter end), but I can't seem to remove the front housing. All bolts appear to be undone, as per the red arrows. The two large circlips on the bearings (behind the input shaft seal housing) have been removed (blue arrow). The retaining pins, bolts and whatever else I could find have been removed. I really don't know what i'm missing. Advice is appreciated.
  4. only on VCT sr20. and yes, 5 minute job.
  5. Have your photos hosted on imgur or similar so when this this happens it's easy to recover them
  6. Quietening Kakimoto Full Mega N1

    70-80% of noise reduction will be at the rear, so adding large middle mufflers won't make a noticeable difference. the cannon is your issue. a large oval muffler at the rear will do much more to reduce noise and drone. Don't be worried about causing restriction as long as its a straight through design you won't even notice a difference. I was worried about adding restriction and subsequently losing power going from a straight pipe to a larger oval muffler (even with twin 1.8" outlets, which i thought would be too small) on my s15. on the dyno i did a run with no exhaust (pulled off the big muffler) to see if this would be an issue, and i only dropped 2kws on a 230-240kw run (i cant remember where i was at with the tune at the time)
  7. Drilling out knuckles

    ^ Drill press for sure, not to mention straighter, cleaner, less enlargement of the hole over 14mm. Last thing you want is for there to be a possibility of movement that may cause the nuts to untighten. If you've munted your drill bit don't toss it, look up how to manually sharpen it. Save yourself some money
  8. Want to buy - Rear coilover top mounts, or blown rear coilovers to suit s14 / s15 / r33 / r34. Needed ASAP. thanks
  9. S14 Coilover help!

    Adjustable camber tops, but your wheels are too big
  10. Is there much room between the gate and the strut tower with that setup?
  11. on the setup posted above; would it make a difference that the gate is 3 times further away from the source than a regular gate setup off an aftermarket manifold? would it affect response time or anything like that?
  12. Are these replica Type X pods?

    they look disgusting.
  13. fuel for tuning car

    Get the car tuned on the 98 octane fuel carried at your local fill up point. If you're cruising interstate you won't be running boost very often, so you won't have any issues with 95 octane.