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  1. Hey all, was just wondering if anyone could id the s14 sr20det interior plug. I'ts different to all others on the web and i need the pinout so i can wire it fully into my 180. main issue is it is missing the brown ignition wire up the top left, thanks.
  2. S14 sr20det in 180sx Running issues

    Well I had the standard fuel rail in and the same problem was present. I swapped over to an s15 rail and injectors so I doubt both regs were faulty but I am leaning towards it being a mixture issue
  3. Hey everybody, I reach out in times of need to the forums. I have recently installed an s14 s1 sr20det into my 180sx. by a stroke of luck and a whole lot of errors i managed to get it all installed on my own.The engine is running, (poorly) but its only some tweaking left i believe. the issue is that cylinder 1 and 4 dont seem to be running. if i unplug the coilpack plug, the engine idle does not change at all, but there is a spark present on each cylinder. ive swapped packs over with each other and all new sparkplugs but the problem remains. ive also done a timing test and it is bang on. I then believed it was the injectors so ive installed a set of s15 injectors and the problem remains. ive tested all injector plugs with a noid light and they are all firing as they should. there are no boost leaks and im running a standard s14 s1 ecu. there is a constant 140+ compression on all cylinders. i have a walbro 255 fuel pump but when i put the old (possibly ca or sr20de) pump on i can hear a slight audible change in engine idle when unplugging cylinder 1 but 4 is still completley useless. the car seems to drive fine other then a whole heap of smoke on hard accelerating and a constant misfire problem. im completly out of ideas and really hope anyone could offer some advice thanks in advance!!
  4. Steve-o's 180sx

    Hey guys, its Nicole. Decided it would be a good idea to make a thread before I get too far into my build so I have a good reference for the future. Last year I purchased my 180sx and recently getting my blacks I picked up and s14 s1 Sr20det motor. So far the old motor is out and i've seated the new one in and just need to sort out the wiring to get it running (hopefully). My current stand point is finding a diagram to match the f3 dash plug from my original loom to the s14 loom.
  5. Here it is, my 180sx Build! Mostly posting for referencing back but hopefully I can help a few others doing the same swap on the way. I purchased a 180sx last year which was made some time in the late 1900's. Just recently i've got my blacks so naturally I bought a Turbo motor that next day. I know now it would have been MUCH easier to buy a turbo motor out of a 13 but then I wouldn't have the e fame of having a 14 motor. Im currently at the stage of having the 14 motor in the car but ive just got some pain wiring to attend to. If anyone has done this swap before id greatly appreciate your help with the f3 dash plug swap. Thanks Guys and Girls!
  6. So ive done a bit of reasearch and found that the brake booster could be the problem, when the car is off i have pressure, once the car is on pressure is lost, when the pedal is pressed the idle drops. ive pulled the hose off the brake booster while the car is running and the pedal is hard again. so im pretty sure that it is the hose but i could be wrong, if anyone knows the definite answer please let me know as this is the last post i can make today and have to go to work tomorrow!! thanks for all the help thus far guys much appreciated!
  7. so just an update guys, ive managed to get pedal pressure after doing a full bleed of the whole system including abs but once the car is switched on the pressure is lost, any ideas what that could mean? and i checked all seals, boots slides and whatnot before installation as i cleaned them up and everything looked rather new with no visible defects and all parts are in tact.
  8. just the stock rubber ones mate, were working fine on the old calipers just bolted straight up to the new ones, could that be an issue?
  9. yeah, calipers are on the right way and i also bled the air out of the master cylinder lines still nothing im so lost
  10. Hey Guys, So im having major troubles with my 180sx brakes. It origionally had 250mm brakes which I believe are the stock ca18det ones. the car was converted to sr20DE and I recently bought a set of bigger brakes which are 280mm (possibly SR20DET). After fitting the brakes (front only) and bleeding there was no pedal pressure, ive bled each brake multiple times including the rear then even bled the front and rear abs, but nothing had any air comming out just fluid and i didnt see and air after the initial bleed. Is it possible the master cylinder could not handle the upgrade? completley run out of ideas please help!!