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  1. BRAND NEW Nismo Parts

    Nismo fuel regulator SOLD.
  2. BRAND NEW Nismo Parts

    Prices DROPPED.
  3. Random Parts and Wheels.

    PM sent.
  4. BRAND NEW Nismo Parts

    740cc injectors SOLD.
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  6. BRAND NEW Nismo Parts

    550cc injectors SOLD.
  7. Before buying my car in Brisbane, I had the owner take it to Mercury Motorsport. They are a reputable workshop with plenty of s-chassis experience. I had my vehicle fully inspected & the engine compression tested there. If the owner is reluctant to take it somewhere for you, that might be your first clue as to it's condition...
  8. Please DELETE

    Nismo 740cc Injectors
  9. BRAND NEW Nismo Parts

    740cc injectors ADDED.
  10. I have an Apexi AVCR electronic boost controller, Tomei dump pipe & brand new set of genuine Nismo 740cc injectors for sale. PM me for prices if you're interested.