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  1. Can someone post a photo of where the A/C receiver dryer is located, bought my car without one and it got me stuffed where it is, thanks
  2. Sr20 vct gear replacement.

    okay thanks for the info guys!
  3. Have a new vct gear to replace old one as engine sounds like a tractor and want to clear a few questions up before i start. 1.Does the engine all need to be in time before i start(not sure as i am only replacing the gear) 2. Can i remove the chain tensior or how do i compress it so i can remove old vct gear 3. What is the torque spec to tighten new Vct gear up too? Thanks!
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows what the lowest cca battery or the smallest battery i can use in my series 1 s14 200sx? Cheers.
  5. Just got a metal intake pipe and dosnt have a bov return fitting. wondering do i just block it off or weld a fitting into it? Cheers
  6. Oil cooler

    only running a 200kw sr, never had a over heating issue so wont be needing one, Thanks for the info guys!
  7. Oil cooler

    Just wondering if an oil cooler is worth putting in or is more or less a gimic thing and if there is any benifits and if so what? Thanks.
  8. s14 Bush bearing turbo.

    it all makes sence now
  9. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the meanings on this plate, is of my stock t28 bush bearing turbo off a 1996 s1 200sx s14.
  10. T28 bush Bearing.

    yeah ive heard they do but are peanuts to replace as appose to Ball bearing, do any of yous know where a good place is to get a turbo shaft and compressor wheel replaced, around newcastle sydney area?
  11. T28 bush Bearing.

    Okay so what sort of supporting mods?
  12. Just wondering if it is safe to run 200-220kw with a bush bearing t28 turbo?