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  1. P Plate Legal

    G'Day So in short...yes a roadworthy and registered Nissan Silvia S 12,13,14 and 15 are legal to drive in Queensland. But they CAN be illegal for a p plater to drive, if the vehicle has a turbocharged engine fitted into it the vehicle then comes under the category of a high powered vehicle...in which case your son will need to fill out a form to gain permission to drive the vehicle on the road as a p plater... https://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF4467/$file/F4467_CFD.pdf ... I hope your son gets his kick ass car, I got a Nissan Silvia S13 for my first car and they are an excellent make! I hope I helped :-)
  2. Air Conditioning...CA18DE S13

    Thanks guys! At the moment my goal is roadworthy. But if it is going to be a costy trip to get the a/c back on...I think I'll do it later on. I do think that my compressor is in good condition because the pully spins nice and it looks clean....but in the past I have found that looks dont mean anything haha. - FlameOn
  3. G'Day internet! So in my S13, I couldn't help but notice that my air conditioning doesn't work! I have a CA in it and the a/c compressor is on but has no belt on the pulley. I found a few lines that lead to the front of the car (just in front of the radiator) and nothing is plugged into them. So the main purpose of this thread is to ask someone who knows heaps about the air cinditioning unit, about the S13's a/c system. I was hoping I could get a diagram of some sort or a list of everything needed in the air con unit. I know I'm already pushing it but if I could get some sort of tutorial on how to assemble it all I would be forever in your debt. - FlameOn
  4. CA18DE Idle Problem

    So after a week I finally got around to working on my S13 and I have fixed the problem! As it turns out the oxygen sensor was not in...funny how the littlest thing throws everything out of wack haha. I discovered this by noticeing all of the disconnected things in the engine bay (at the hand of a previous owner), so I reconnected a heap of things like the coil looms earth and the oxygen sensor. She didn't run good straight away but about a minute or less later it wasn't missing a beat. I suspect it has 4 year old fuel in it so that will change when I service it. As far as the alternator goes it's running fine...normal charges and healthy condition, I guess I'll cross that of the list of things I need! :-)
  5. G'day internet! So this May (30th-31st) QR's Japnats is on! It is $20 Sat or Sun seperate or $30 for the whole weekend...kids 12 and under are free entry. The flyer says that Saturday will have a time attack, show shine and a cruise. The Sunday will be the drifting day so for all of you drifters (myself included) Sunday will be the optimum day! They are opening the circuit, the short track and the skid pan. So it will be very much like Matsuri! Have a good one. -Flame On
  6. CA18DE Idle Problem

    Thanks buddy. Makes me feel a lot better now that I know other people have had the problem. I should be popping around to the garage troughout the week, ill let you know the charge of the alternator.
  7. CA18DE Idle Problem

    G'day internet! So I have a 1990 Silvia S13 and it has a CA18DE in it. I bought it just a few days ago and I have been trying to fix its idle issue that it has. So just of the bat I know it has something to do with ignition as i have been informed that these CA's coilpacks get stuffed quit abit. I have tested the fuel supply and despite having dank and dirty fuel in it, (yep, need a new filter), it has fuel getting into the cylinders so she is tip top (fuel supply wise). But I am stumped as to what is causing it to idle bad because for some reason when I connect it up with jumper leads coming from a much better bosch battery, it idles fine...and of course as soon as I do the pull out method on the jumper leads she cuts out. I suspect it is the alternator and I am yet to test that with a multimeter (will keep updated). Its like the coilpacks arent getting enough voltage. Im worried that some noisy AC power is chopping my battery up. Now that is my take on it, but I am hoping a proper Nissan knower can show me the yellow brick road and help me fix up the 13! Please comment any information/help you have. Thanks. -FlameOn