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    '93 180sx sr20det
  1. Hey guys, I just bought a t28r s15 turbo setup off a guy, I was gonna through it in this weekend, just a couple questions. My cars completely stock sr20det redtop with t25 still, but this setup came off an s13 and comes with the right lines, intake snout and downpipe, will this be alright running low boost on stock injectors ECU, etc? also been reading up on oil restrictions, but everyones saying something different.
  2. S13 SR20det head with lines in it?

    Ok, sweet. Was worrying one of them might be a DE head or something haha
  3. Me and my mate imported out cars at the same time, his being 92, mine 93 and i've noticed mine has these lines running in the head, looks like a heat sync or something. Any Idea's?
  4. R34 GTT brake/Hub upgrade on a 180sx

    Hmm so if I source some compatible front hubs the rest will work with only small modifications here and there?
  5. I was doing some researching trying to find some 5 stud hubs for my 180, when i came across a car wrecker selling a full r34 gtt brake/hub setup for cheaper than most bare hubs, just wondering if it would be much of an upgrade over the factory sr20det s13 setup? And would it be straight bolt on?
  6. Hesitation when changing gears fast

    Oh sweet so no problems with the factory ecu or anything?
  7. Hesitation when changing gears fast

    Yeah I'm thinking the manifold or turbos warped so I was just thinking of upgrading to t28 while I'm there. Is there any guides around here on it?
  8. Hey guys, my 180's hesitating quite bad, mostly noticeable when you change gears fast and try get back on boost it sounds like it's spitting and builds no boost but comes right after about a second it's also not boosting very well through the middle of the power band has heaps of flat spots. I've replaced the spark plugs with irridium ones and tried out some coils from a friends car so it's definitely not spark. The car currently has an exhaust leak from the turbo/manifold join but the problem was pre-existing. The setup is full factory sr20det red top running no bov. Any ideas to try troubleshoot?