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  1. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Awesome thanks man.
  2. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Ok awesome thanks heaps.
  3. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    What would be the best spot to hide the bleed valve. Also does anyone know what them Xforce Exhaust systems would sound like because apparently they are starting to crack down on noisy exhausts so i figured it might be best to get the Xforce Varex muffler.
  4. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Yes will definitely be spending abit of time learning the car and slowly adding a bit more power bit by bit. Had a mate that got an S15 and decided he would go out for a bit of a drive in the wet after having the car for only 2 weeks he lost control and pretty much wrote the car of, lucky we had a family friend who was a crash repairer so he fixed it up for him.
  5. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Ok thanks heaps for the advice guys definitely think it would be better now to just keep the SR20 engine in it and work on that. Just one thing with that though if im going to achieve around 220-250KW with the SR20 will that be keeping everything road legal or not. This may be another noob question but what would be the best legal way to achieve more boost because i found out the other day that any sort of boost controller is illegal. Thanks heaps again.
  6. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Yeah i did say later on down the line because i cant drive a V8 until i'm on my full license anyways plus then the cost of insurance on a younger driver owning a V8 would be crazy. So im going to have a play around with the stock SR see what sort of things i can achieve with it, just gotta make sure i keep it 100% street legal. Anyways before i even start doing engine mods id prefer to get the body work done first. An Ls swap is just one of those things that will come with time and its something id like to do, who knows i might not even be able to do it anyways.
  7. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Ha its funny ~MaTeSh~ your giving me shit for not knowing a thing or to about cars yet what you think you just woke up one day and your like oh look i know everything about cars now. Like i said i'm learning and we all gotta start somewhere. Cheers HUSTLA.
  8. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Ok thanks i guess. no i didn't know that they come with one standard does it sound any good or would an aftermarket one sound better. Sorry i don't know a huge deal about Jap cars so that's why i sound like an idiot but i figure i gotta start somewhere.
  9. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    Okay what about a plumb back bovs can you still get defected for them or not. Thanks for the part about the V8 also.
  10. Hey guys was just wondering is it illegal to do a V8 swap into an S15 in South Australia. Soon ill be looking into purchasing a Nissan S15 and i was thinking later down the line to do a V8 swap in it just for something different. Another thing is how many people have actually been defected for having a BOV installed in their car. Anyways Cheers in advance.