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    I bought my ticket and a few extra for ebay purposes
  2. RIP Chris Benoit + Family

    +1 on that...if someone murders their wife and child they dont deserve a RIP....they deserve a rott in hell..... +1 again, if he wanted to kill himself he should have just done it and spared his kid and wife.
  3. This isnt on this friday night sunny jim - its in a few weeks! Chelsea
  4. Sounds good Loz U know im going already lol *hopefully with new car*
  5. Insurance on a 180sx

    Yeah non turbos are cheap to insure... thats why it cant compare.. thats like comparing my insurance for my mirage to the new car!
  6. Insurance on a 180sx

    Hmm yeah i think i might have to actually call rather than do stupid online quotes! I have a neg driving charge as well that was nearly 2 years ago tho but still current which sucks a bit. Im definately not paying 3 grand a year... no way hozay Thanks
  7. Insurance on a 180sx

    WTF this is bullshit if liz's car is worth 20 grand how can comprehensive insurance be 1400 a year?! I got my quote back and comprehensive is $2369 third party is $500 or something and third party fire and theft is about $750... such bullshit
  8. Insurance on a 180sx

    Holy crap thats good... and thats full comprehensive? is that with just cars? Why on earth are the insurance amounts for everyone sooooo different!?! i dont get it
  9. DA Championships

    Ah shit.. forgot i still got all those f**king pamphlets and posters... gay anyone... wanna give them out or something? Loz and all the SA ns.com peoples are coming up for this as well... i might go have a look then leave before i get covered in dust and dirt from the cars.. Chels
  10. sif i owe u, we still got 9 years 11/12 months to go (just edited post rofl ) .. haha ill pay up if u really want cause im no a bitch to backout on my bets, anyway prefer to owe ya 50cents then yas getttin defected. any posing pictures from the hot cop chicks? i would have asked if they could pose on the car .. yes im serious. .. but only if they were hot and undid their buttons on their shirt and tied their shirts up nice n short.. oh and pretended to get beaten up and arrested. quoting yourself is one of the first signs of insanity LOL had to laugh at this post....
  11. Get Well Soon Kat

    I spoke to you this morning but you know i wuv you and i hope your feeling better!! Being in bed all day rocks Love u long time cant wait till u get to Syd my twin!! Lots of Love, LLL xoxoxoxoxox OMG BEC lol those things they stick up your hand are the most disgusting thingys ever they hurt.. ouchies poor baby kitty
  12. The cops usually come tell everyone to get out n lock it n then leave they never stay around anyhow! S'all good
  13. Ive just comeback from lapa and cops arrived to lock the circle down, but the spots that are just before seemed to be pretty empty. Chelsea
  14. Lapa usually gets closed off abouot 8-8:30pm by the cops
  15. Insurance on a 180sx

    I believe u!! Jebus, i meant that anyone who pays that much for insurance is a complete idiot... Im not prepared to pay that much. I hate insurance companies