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  1. THE BIGGEST DRIFT EVENT TO COME TO ARCHERFEILD qld never before used comp layout for archerfeild... KYOTO GARAGE SUMMER SLAM is bringing some of the best drifters from around Australia from as far away as w.a , nsw , Victoria ,south Australia and Canberra We are bringing guys with drift car ranging from anywhere 300hp right up to 700+hp so this will be a smoke show like no other With 4k cash from kyoto garage and over 1k in prizes for the top 32 battles these guys and girls will be going all out $500 worth of cartel online vouchers to give away to the crowd $500 cartel online clipping point comp With tropies awarded to the best in the car show we are expecting a serious car show aswell car show trophies for; top jdm style top drift style top hella flush top domestic best original style top euro $10 to enter your car in the car show... security will be at the event so cars can be left while the drift competition is on however we do not except responsibility if anything was to happen .. but our security are tuff as so you will be fine gold coin donation to check out the car show $20 to watch the drifting $15 to watch if your car was in the car show scheduled events cars can setup for car show from 12pm car show 1-3pm car show trophies awarded in the drift arena at 3:10pm intro and meet the drivers 3-4pm drift practice 4 - 4:30pm qualifying 4:30 - 5pm top 32 battles 5 - 5:45pm top 16 battles 5:45 - 6:15 on track entertainment break (bikini car wash/bmx demonstration) top 8 battles 6:30 - 6:45pm top 4 battles 7 - 7:15 on track entertainment break battle for 3rd final battle cartel online clipping point comp SCHEDULED TO FINISH AT 9 BUT WE WILL MOST LIKELY RUN LATER!! 63 COLEBARD ST ACACIA RIDGE (ARCHERFEILD) PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD GUYS ALSO THERE IS A AFTER PARTY VENUE TBH WHERE YOU CAN COME HAVE A FEW COLD BEVVYS WITH THE TOP DRIFTERS YOU JUST WATCHED OUT AT SUMMER SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hit the facebook link here ad share if you could http://www.facebook....94058840671985/ still a few driving spots available if interested please pm us on http://www.facebook....rcherfieldDrift litteraly only a few spots left that i could fill but we want the quality to be high.. cheers
  2. you think that a entry thats 30kmph faster doesnt look cooler your kidding right?? .... if a entry is long why the hell wouldnt you be doing 200+ other than for the simple fact of being scared because a fully commited drift looks 1 million times better than a cruisy mild entry maybe you just need to realise that you just dont like me and thats it... your a hater and im fine with that but dont let your hate get in the way of common sense... on the topic of common sense your saying australia is going to continue to lose the best drivers to overseas comps last time i checked its myself and pickering going overseas for big competition so your saying that we are the best haha so thinks for the hate and props bru haha but for reals aus drift sucks no proximity http://youtu.be/BPvSAvT3fAU but yeh this totally would have looked better with a slower entry and i know i know our proximity sucks i really should have been driving on his roof take the chup off your shoulder bru.. nz has better looking cars though you can smile about that
  3. i dont launch of the line i never go foot down untill it hits boost in second and thats not till 5000rpm..... you kiwi,s are just to scared to go in with the foot to the floor .... fact!!! the car i got done for drag racing is lighter has more power and was running the same tires yet entry speed different was huge... fact... grow some nuts kiwis sorry stewy i thought you said you put newys on my bad... and who told you . you couldnt fix your rear wheel? would have been way quicker to fix than ours?? thats strange
  4. just for the record i used second handys from the previous event against your brand new 595,s stewy btw the cars floor bent from our coming together... all fixed now though
  5. nisskid's 32 4 door

    should have tapped him harder and made it worth it hahaha its funny, because it's probably the first RB20 in a national level drift comp in a lot of years, certainly wasn't being left for dead, but the tyres let it down a bit, the feddies are a sick tyre for their price, but considering everyone was running big achilles 123's, was a lot of work to keep with some people. lol little cherry weird have i done something wrong to you last time we chatted when i lived in melbs we where all good then i read this shit from you have i done something to upset you bro ?? lol ryan i was almost going to buy stewy shoe laces then realised i was completely broke as usual....sponsors needed stickers are there from the owner of the car i have nearly no say at all in what the car looks like or what stickers are run... wpn-x7 again dude wtf always talking to me normally in the past and being bro like and then applauding the fact stewy ran into the holfords car is lame as shit i went out on second handys with not much tread left for the battles with stew because i wanted a good close battle... stews car is alot faster than people think its definitly fast... with reguards to my line if you watch any of my qualifying videos i run the exact same line 99% of people where not going all the way to that outside clipping point i was thats all very honest mistake by stewy as eveyone else was cutting in shallow there and i went right the the clipping point....... and yeh stew bro when im leading i just look where im going totally didnt see you until just before the hit... spewing it wasnt the tinnyest bit further back on my door so we copuld have kept going foot down with you on my door... would have been rad as hell cant wait for next time... ill bring my streeter down for a few practice day when i have money ..... so not for some time but some good fun tandem practice would be rad kudos to your dedication and driving skill dude your killing it.... good things im sure will come your way... i was just a street dude that was lucky to get seen by holfords.... luck is all that was if i wasnt driving for holfords there is no way i would spend every last cent on comps i would just skid hills as usual/like i do now anyway
  6. also i see smarter low budget teams keeping 123,s for the bigger battles anyway... i came out for top 32 and top 16 on second handys to slow the car down because as much as you guys say its hard to keep up with shitty tires try keep a car sideways and slow with all that grip its bloody hard work... also we used sunnys all practice session to save our stock of 123,s... people have to remember that while holfords are a well displayed team we are a super budget team that is only there for the love of drift.... we are struggling to make it to every round let alone all the demos and comps guys like blown v8 do... you know where im coming from??
  7. you didnt get left behind stewy because you came in foot down... the thing with tires is at holfords we cant afford shit so we simply dont do practice days with the holfords car and the money saved from not driving it on practice days and smaller comps is used to help pay for a good effort with good tires at adgp... simple fact is guys that cant afford tires are more often than not hitting up practice days and smaller comps a bunch... spreading themselves thin... this is where a missile or something low powered for practice makes more sence than a race car that chews tires and fuel and in turn more maintanance ect its not out of budget of most guys to grab a shitter 31 to practice in that will teach them a shit load more than there race car anyway in my case i have a stock powered 180sx thats also my daily that i use for practice and i find being low power with moderate grip i drive it the same as the holfords car that has 500hp but heaps of grip... same same but not as fast but either way the foot is always through the firewall
  8. its the same motec thats in v8 supercars the software is in the computer its launch control not traction control and we dont have it set up as you need to spend a shit load on sensors and shit to make it work ... we looked into it when bolger had it and was litterally jumping of the line with launch control the thing that is fustrating is i dont put the foot down hard untill im well into the top of second unless the person beside me is a cool driver like cece and goes full speed and pushes hard... simple fact is i go in as fast and others dont like to or dont have the commitment to go in as hard... no magic no trickery just a simple fact.... laurel kiwi he gained because he was shallow behind me..... i go in faster so i can go in with more angle... of coarse if you come in with way less angle he will catch up we all shallow a bit to catch up but it would be nicer if he used the extra 100hp he has over our car to go in full speed with me..... if cece can do it in a big fat ceffy why cant others?? cece has ppg box and he was just as fast as me when we had battle practice i guess what im saying is people keep talking about cars ability (os giken box) and grip... even when i had the old holfords car i would pull gaps on entrys and it only had 200kws im just pushing hard, rolling the dice if it works out it works out if it doesnt it doesnt... i threw away a final last year from going in to hard and putting 2 wheels off in the dirt with josh botcher but unluckily for him his clutch died in the same battle and couldnt come out for second battle .... again josh had no issue going in really hard with me.... and would have no doubt beat me because of my mistake going in to hard when i followed gaz he went in slow and power slides the first corner in sydney i drive it more like im driving a ae86 attacking it hard and chucking it hard in 4th onto the lock stops i like driving this way because its f**king fun and its f**king cool any way this thread has surely run its course... if you car has 500hp you set it up to have heaps and heaps of grip and then drive it like you would a 4age ae86 full commitment no backing off style
  9. all the drivers are happy at adgp aswell im happy as long as my arse is in a drift car...... its all this bullshit im talking about i should just keep of the internets all together
  10. 45 or 35 profile? its a osgiken seq box with 4.11 diff gears limmiter at 8700rpm 1st gear goes to 70/80kmph so no idea what ratio is in the box as os giken you can buy your gears seperately (we bought it second hand) i think we need to go to a 4.7 so i can actually get of the line without stalling it also with saying not everyone should be expected to enter at 200kmph... why not??? its a international drift event with all the top guys i would think if you cant handle big speeds maybe you shouldnt be there??? i know that sounds a bit pig headed but why should i expected to not drive at my comfort level and dumb my driving down / drive like a puss? i think runnups need to be alot longer to allow us to comfortably get into 3rd at a apointed speed before passing through cones to say go for it? i dunno i just get super down on the fact that people are saying we should go slower?? why go backwards?? meh drift is getting so gay......... even at a grassroots level its just constant bullshit... wtf is going on with this sport??... it used to be so rad
  11. Motive Drivers Video - ADGP Round 2 - Luke Fink

    anything possitive australia??? always trying to knock people down haha but yeh it did seem that it was a drag race but jarrads car is far from slow but as he said he had mega traction issues there is only so slow i can go without comprimising my run as i enter at high speed with no brakes untill in the clipping zone so its not as if im speeding of and slowing down then entering i run the same way from practice untill the end of the day... but when i was chasing him i was only in second and when i was leading i enter 3rd ?? he simply had no grip there is only so slow i can drive a car with as much grip as the holfords car has.......... i think our entrys need to be way way longer to allow for a proper runnup so both cars can be together in say 3rd at a set speed and then hit the throttle hard at a set of cones... up to there desired entry speeds.... should be flat out reguardless people will winge thanks for the video motive.... shame i couldnt have done more laps that weekend due to car issues... alternatively when i know someone is fast like i know rob whites car is faster than my car so always take of before him when im chasing alowing him to drive back past me so i can stay close... pretty simple techneque and somewhat common sence in my eyes but no one does it... anyway cant wait for this weekend at adelaide fink
  12. Constructive Critcism - My In Car Footage

    try some left foot brake rather than handbrake to make a link ontop of what these guys have said
  13. ADGP on Speed Channel starting Feb 16th. Dont miss it!

    bolger lol would love to battle bolger again come back and race again bolger show your talent
  14. ADGP on Speed Channel starting Feb 16th. Dont miss it!

    how about FIGJAM fink you jelly bolger?
  15. ADGP on Speed Channel starting Feb 16th. Dont miss it!

    haha i know its weird its happened my entire life even some mates refer to me as luke fink.... someone create me a decent drift nick name already... as long as its not shit like cool hand look (thanks drift aus) seemed like a shit load of interviews last night... and our drifting didnt seem as good as melbourne i think we need more walls it looks better on tv