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  1. Joeys R33 4 door

    blue too... lol
  2. rb25 powered s13

    nice work... I'm currently living in victora now :-) so I will have to come check out some of these track days dandendong (however you spell it)... that is close to wear I live ATM...
  3. only just got back on the other day... :/
  4. rb25 powered s13

    hey dude... it's awesome that you've keep the car still... I maybe coming down to melbourne and also thinkin about bringing my car... just wondering how you actually go with cops?? are you pulled over with the slight look if your car? car won't be a daily but every odd occasion I'll take it to work and the weekend venture.. btw... love the new wheels too
  5. hello people.. maybe moving down for work... currently trying to sell the s14... but now kinda considering keeping the old girl and getting her registered again the question is.... is melbourne just as bad as Queensland these days with defects and being harassed by the cops??
  6. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 181000 Price : $17,000 Condition : Used finally after 12 or more months.. putting her up for sale!! 1998 s14a rb25 conversion greddy t67-25g turbo plus greddy manifold turbosmart 50mm pro gate with screamer 3" exhaust.. currently without a cannon hdi cooler greddy plenum 4" intake oil cooler plus oil filter relocated nismo thermostat koya radiator twin 12" thermo fans.. wire to switch nismo 740cc injectors walbro fuel pump split fire coil packs haltech e11v2 hks evc5 boost controller blitz blm gauges!!!! these are the mother f'king shit!!! oil pressure oil temp and water temp alpine head unit pioneer splits GTR r33 front seats (mod plated) GTR r33 brakes all round ADR braided brake lines unknown front bar vertex side and rear bar ganadof mirrors origin boot lip cst hyper zero wheels 17" tein coil overs Shelby front sway bar hid lights gates timing belt motor is strong.. proven performer... drift events, powercruise, powerplay, daily driven(not anymore... car is unregistered) can be registered again.. car was only taken off the road since I've had a baby.. motor makes 375hp atw on 19psi (I think) can't remember might be 17psi there might be more that I've missed.. first time up.. so I'm asking 17k for it... throw me offers if you want.. but after a family car and fairly modern too.. otherwise throw me cash offers
  7. Joeys R33 4 door

    in the same boat!!! I think I'm going with no ergo and trailer spec.. too much coin to be wasting.. when I can save that for skids..
  8. Pasini's LS2 s14

    love the color!!! what's the car goin to be used for??
  9. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    that's shit bro!! and I was lovin all the skidding vids comin from this machine.. hopefully it will be back on track asap dude!
  10. Joeys R33 4 door

    heaps jealous... that is all...
  11. A New Beginning

    my guards are pretty flared.. and I had 10 +3 think you might want to reconsider dude.. unless you wanna get raped again from the po po again
  12. The Snowball Effect : LS7/T51R S14

    this is going to be an animal when it's finished.. keen to take me for a joy ride when it's done
  13. Joeys R33 4 door

    not sure.. funds are about tight ATM... one income is really slowing everything down :/ I do have a hardtuned pass though..
  14. Joeys R33 4 door

    awww shit!... wish i was a trust fund kid... heaps jealous your skidding... someone throw me some money car is lookin good dude!