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  1. Great video. Epic Flutter, I assume from Danny's machine?
  2. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    Cef looks good man, rims suit it perfectly - not to aggresive, just right!
  3. What Happens on a K-Tour?

    Another awesome video from you, can't wait for the DVD.
  4. My 1990 HCR32

    f**k yes that is dope!
  5. My 1990 HCR32

    f**k yeah man looks good, makes me want another 32
  6. Sooo f**king dope, love all the work you have done mate looks unreal. Car has so much character, hope you get it running right and slide the f**k out of this thing
  7. Wreck 'Em - Oh One Oh Trailer AVAILABLE NOW

    Watched this the other day, awesome work man!
  8. nisskid's 32 4 door

    Could not agree more, such an awesome car.
  9. 180 build thread - just clicked 300kw woot!

    Awesome work man, looks like it will go f**king low lol
  10. CroS13's "stealth" S15 200sx

    Great read mate, intercooler setup is awesome.
  11. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Looks tough as mate, SP1's FTMFW
  12. Mad shit 32 from the West...

    Plugs were fouled but swapped them out with newys Haha man they will look good on any car, balla f**king rims
  13. Mad shit 32 from the West...

    So good and bad well somewhat bad news, engine is all back together.... Now good news is the car started and ran for all of about ten seconds, after that it wouldn't turn on. I'm going to try buy a new battery tomorrow and see what happens really hope it is just that otherwise its troubleshooting electrical faults time So yeah pretty mixed emotions right now lol If any one has any ideas why it won't start let me know I am all ears. PS I have spark, air and fuel so yeah?
  14. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    Car looks great, congrats on 2nd place
  15. Mad shit 32 from the West...

    Cheers for the comments guys! Horrace I got the tyres off Option1Garage on here a while ago, pretty sure they are a sponser.