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    Nice, i saw your post on frontier forums, im pretty sure youve got the most lifted D40 in Australia lol. I like the sound of the PRG 3" kit, but there was another thread on another 4x4 forum where the upper control arm link sheared off when the guy was out the bush, made me hold off on my purchase..
  2. Speed test

    This is Bigpond Cable Extreme. Was getting in the high 30s back on the VDSL modem.
  3. Room for rent

    I might know someone whos interested depending on job interview. will get back to you in 1-2 weeks if u still looking cheers
  4. Killzone2

    PSN - MegatronXIII not sure how to join clan someone add me :-) been playing for a few weeks, im almost engineer level now also, its worth reading the back story to killlzone is pretty interesting. Basically the ISA arent really the good guys, just like in real life both sides are *milkshakes*!
  5. import scene dying?

    Yes, your driveway, just like chaddy carpark is considered a "highway" under the law which means you can be defected. Put some gates on that property and stop it being accessible by the public, and it becomes private property where you can do burnouts, drift, whatever, just cant drink drive.
  6. import scene dying?

    Its dying / dead for sure. I spend a lot of time on the roads during the week all over town, and have an eye for a nice car. I can tell you right now, i rarely see imports, maybe 1 or 2 a day and almost never see modified cars. Sleeper ftw
  7. Got Dorrring.

    So wait, where do I buy these frames from again? Or will I end up having to make a custom frame anyway? Me and a mate want to start hitting the hills with these, KMART aisle 3 just dosnt cut it anymore!
  8. United 24's Ethanol Fuel~

    Where can I find E85 in Melbourne?
  9. Should I still go to Bali?

    When are you going over there? Im heading over in mid Jan, hopefully if anythings going to happen it will have gone down by then! I hear what people are saying about not letting the terrorists win and acting as if everythings normal, but everythings not normal over there and reevaluating your travel plans is just being pragmatic. As others have said, theres heaps of other countries around the pacific that are holiday friendly. Another great Western friendly holiday country is phillipines, not as well known as thailand or indonesia, but much less seedy and just as beautiful, very nice people too.
  10. What tyres to use for grip up front?

    This is for a supra btw, id like to have *some* traction. Im running a big single, expecting to be making 320+rw when its done. was just pointing out 255 is not a hard thing to get on a 10 inch rim.. 255 is exactly 10 inches. Ah I c. I wasnt sure if it would be too much stretch, most of the supra crowd run 285s or bigger in that rim width. How do you find the 235s respond on that rim? Much traction? ***BTW thanks for the Holmart link Martyr, just picked up a pair to try out.
  11. Good news everyone!

    Its just a Victoria law I think. You can only have 1 intake modification, so that can be either a pod filter or an intercooler but not both. Im guessing they were finding they were defecting every magna, lancer and excel that was driven by young people and decided to give them a break. 2 intake modifications will allegedly change the emissions of an engine significantly enough to make it illegal.
  12. What tyres to use for grip up front?

    This is for a supra btw, id like to have *some* traction. Im running a big single, expecting to be making 320+rw when its done.
  13. What tyres to use for grip up front?

    Can I get away with using a 255 on a 10inch rim? Unfortunately the federals only seem to come in 235s in 17inch, does anyone know any good value (ie cheaper but not complete crap) tyres in 255 or bigger? I think someone mentioned nankangs or something before
  14. Police followed me home from work

    If it goes to court it is generally the cops word against yours, and guess who is going to be more credible? As advised, get legal advise pronto. Youre going to have to pay money, so be prepared. You will loose more money if you loose your car and licence for outrunning a cop car at 140kmh+ due to hoon laws (which is what the cop will try to get you for). On the note of police and their "speed estimation" skills, ive had a few situations where ive been pulled up and had them tell me off for driving at 100kmh in 60 zones. When I protest my innocence their proof is always that they were doing 100 to catch me so I must have been doing 100 too lol. So I can either tell him hes wrong because hes an idiot, or just say yeah ok which usually works out best.
  15. Good news everyone!

    You guys in QLD are screwed and gonna get hit with harsher laws like the rest of us, or this is not going to happen at all. DO you really think those c*unts in Victoria and NSW are going to turn around and say, "Woops, sorry looks like we f*cked up, apparently you CAN have a cooler and pod, having gauges outside of the dash IS NOT illegal (just like GPS's hey..), and while youre at it, heres a practical, reasonable way to modify your car legally. Get your guns ready, cause its gonna be raining bacon when those babys start flying!