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  1. SR20DET

    I'm in Melbourne
  2. SR20DET

    Engine from a S14 for sale. No turbo. Pulled from running car a number of years ago. Make an offer, any reasonable offer considered
  3. Need SR20DET for S13

    I have a SR20det from a S14. But it's only the motor. Turbo has been sold
  4. S14 SR20DET

    Item: sr20det from a S14 with wiring loom, ecu and air flow meter. No turbo Description: approx 120xxx km Price: $1000 negotiable Location: Narre Warren Postage: pick up only Contact: 0433510510
  5. Cricket Thread

    GO the BLACK CAPS!!! if voges didnt catch that the blac caps would of would!!! why didnt he trip over that boundary rope harrder!!
  6. anyone here under 30s and earn over $80k+ ?

    plus holland u get all the weed u want!!!! not that its my thing i hate it
  7. anyone here under 30s and earn over $80k+ ?

    selling drugs is ther way!!! can make over $20K a week!!!
  8. mate i charged my mate $50 to install a clutch into his car!!! it is FWD soo it was harder than a RWD!!!! find a good mate whos a mechanic or mechanically minded!
  9. why dont u sell me ur gearbox soo u dont have to put it in!!!!
  10. Wheel Alignment Spec

    i work at bridgestone!!! sooo maybe i could help you out!!!
  11. what i hate aobut my car at the mo??? mmm well the paintjob, lol the fact its got no engine in it!! and most of all how i cant drive it unless i drive it fred flintstone styles
  12. Cars you hate

    Lancers In general except Evo's, especially lancers with evo mock up kits! commodores!!! falcons!!! VL Turbos, e36 Bmw's the whole lot of em. kia's, daewoos, ford ka, toyota camry (asian's car)...... any car that had stickers on the side liek a shopping list!!!
  13. Trance Energy

    mate with a line up like that!!!!!!!! Im going for sure!! shame i have to bring the boss with me!
  14. Girls Who Drift

    Im no girl!!!! but chicks who drift are hot!!!!! drools...... lol
  15. Building Muscle/Size for Dumbies

    best way to bulk up!!!!!!! find a misses who only cooks and shuts the f**k up!!!.... testosertone with a anabolic. get in the gym train properly train ur arse off and get the f**k out. no chit chat!! LOLL