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  1. horse shit.. something that stink the place out f**k off haha im not driving 12 hours with the smell of horse shit. go on.. take one for the team i'm sure the pf crew will pitch in for clean up fee for the truck
  2. horse shit.. something that stink the place out
  3. Hi, I can't start a new topic in the parts sales section. I used to be able to. I recently changed my email address and now it won't let me start a thread. Please help. Thanks
  4. wheel alignment

    if you think you can spot 1mm of toe vs 5mm of toe by eye you're kidding yourself. Same goes for camber, -1.5deg and -3deg by eye is a waste of time. Using diy tools like spirit level (how do you tell -1.25 deg on a spirit level I have no idea), you will get it closed but it will be all over the shop and car will drive funny. You can get all sort of alignment products that let you do alignments at home but most will cost X times many shop alignments. How long does it take to save $80? can you wait that long?
  5. +1 Chris from Wheels Revolution
  6. changing s15 fuel pump

    this is at the bottom of the bracket.. follow the hose/wires and feel for a cradle. then pull the whole cradle up.. +1 on the 040.. but if you got the walbro already..
  7. I'd be more concerned with your alignment after you lower it 1-2". No point getting good coilovers and then run -3deg camber on the rear just to fit a set of wheels.
  8. I got the d project camber and traction rod with the pro bearing. Only been on the car for 2 weeks so can't comment on durability. However, overall the product seems to be good quality. Arms are thick diameter and the pro bearing will not snap like the pic above. The thread where the rose joint connects to the rod is quite large in diameter as well. I actually had a look at a set of JIC arms and the thread on the JIC is smaller. The cheap chinese ones probably have even smaller threads and will snap easy.
  9. what brand are those ^^^^^ pm me if you don't want to post here...
  10. PM me as well.. would like to know your thoughts.. Thanks
  11. S15 tyre choice

    I would roll the guards if I had to run -3 deg camber just to fit some wide wheels and tyres that really only have half the contact patch.
  12. Thanks.. What are your thoughts of the monoflex on the s15? On road? On track? bumpy mountain road?
  13. I did a search and someone asked this question before but there was no definitive answer. I have stock suspension on my s15 at the moment. running Buddy Club P1 racing rims. 17x8 +32 front and 17x9 +37 rear. The wheels clear the stock suspension no problems with about an inch spare. I am about to get a set of Tein Monoflex and would want to make sure that the monoflex body is not so much bigger that it will hit the inside of the wheel. Can anyone with similar setup confirm please? Thanks
  14. or road trip to brisbane and get Chris Neale to take a look at it. Wheels Revolution.
  15. lol.. nice feedback.. they do look well built.. but now I'm getting a set of monoflex instead. Now who has got the monoflex?