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  1. drift airbus

    lol, wtf were they trying to land during a hurricane?? this is why planes land into the wind
  2. there's a bike shop in bayswater called piston broke, i was talking to the owner and he said the inspiration came from what he was doing before he opened the shop
  3. wouldn't anyone get a Bugatti Veyron? I'm surprised no one has mentioned it - can't get much better than that. although apparently the new GTR beat it around Nurburgring so maybe I'm better off sticking to a Nissan
  4. smell petrol inside car

    check all of the hoses for leaks, the rubber hoses can split as they get old. if there's no leaks in the engine bay then check at the fuel pump as well, sometimes the smell doesn't come into the cabin until you open a window or whatever
  5. carbon fibre mould

    do many shops have autoclaves? maybe you could make it up yourself then pay a student to bake it in a university autoclave
  6. if you're looking for a casual job then try at a service station. i remember reading in the policies and procedures manual about getting leave for military or civil service and how the company supports this contribution to the community and all that bs so i don't think they'd care if you're in the reserve
  7. so you weren't having problems before you pulled out the ecu? check all of the pins on the ecu to make sure none of them are bent other than that i'd find a list of what each wire is on the plug and check ignition wires for voltage - maybe you pulled on of them getting the ecu out ive found a list of those wires on here before but i can't remember where sorry man
  8. lol, no thats the diagnostic light. do a search on checking your ecu for faults i can't remember which way to turn it. try turning it completely clockwise and if the led isn't on then it should be in normal mode again, otherwise trying turning it anticlockwise. normal mode should be the first setting but be gentle with the trimpot, its easy to turn to far and break it.
  9. my mate and i rode to the movies to see torque and afterwards he hit a car in the carpark. not the most intelligent place to be screwing around on a bike but i guess he wouldn't have been doing it had it not been for the movie torque definitely has to be the equivalent of fat and furious for bikes, the amount of bs in that movie is ridiculous
  10. sorry, there is a trimpot that you can turn with a screwdriver to change the ecu from normal to diagnostic mode (to check faults). look through one of the holes in the ecu case. a trimpot is like a volume switch without the knob
  11. make sure the trimpot is on the right setting. It might have moved to the diagnostic setting.
  12. or maybe the silvia is my runaround... Nissan Stagea Mitsubishi Legnum Toyota Caldina all turbo'd wagons that i think you can import for around 15G???
  13. EOI - quad throttle for SR20

    doesn't the intake on the gti-r throttle bodies face the wrong way so to speak? as in the inlet would be facing the firewall. i don't see what FWD and RWD have to do with the throttle body though
  14. Transfer fees...

    where are you, its gonna depend on which state you're in
  15. Nice parking..

    how the hell did they do that?