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  1. Hi, does anybody know what brand is this board or what program use to tune it? I cant seem to find much info on it, its in 1 of my s15, i allready msged nistune but they said its not theres, thanks in advance
  2. WTB s15 parts

    Wtb parts for s15, front head lights, headlight support bracket, headlight mount bracket, front side indicator with wire, engine bay fuse box lid, thanks
  3. Chao all, new to the forum, anyway i got abit of an problem starting my car and hope you guys could help, it use to start and run fine befor i went on holidays, 16 months later now iam back home and trying to start her, it starts with starting fluid but doesnt idle, ive change spark plugs, fuel pump, check fuel injectors with noid lights, took the injectors and rails out and gave it a good clean with carby cleaner, flush the tank out and put new fuel in, the car cranks but wont start, pulled a spark plug out and its dry, checked the fuel line just after the fuel filter and can definitely see fuel coming out, maybe theres no fuel pressure???