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  1. Looking For old member 'MAD 180'

    Hey dude, mate just messaged me letting me know you had posted this up. I will speak to my mate with the S15 now to sort out getting them off him.
  2. My best man works for BAE my old man works there. seems 2 b popular place. My girlfriend works for BAE, I work as an ICT engineer for a smaller company around adelaide. Though I have no car to fund atm.
  3. Z Imports Closing Down

    Wow thats no good, been down there for parts many times.

    Looks tough as, top build quality!
  5. BWAHAHAHA thats the way that punishment for shit like this should be handed out
  6. My xbox live tag is YoshiR6. Playing a bit of gears and cod4 atm.
  7. Sticky the article, I think its a damn good find. Besides, only about 15% of the people that actually read this section of the forums would be accustomed to actually preparing their food in this fashion for said results. The rest need all the help they can get (myself included) Thanks for posting up the article.

    No Wii for me, I have a xbox 360, but mate has a Wii and its pretty good fun and value for money which always were nintendo's strong points.
  9. 1 Jizzle's birthday

    Hapy Birthday Matthew Dellamalva
  10. Happy Birthday Rotorchik

    Happy Birthday Elise.
  11. Rego car purchase

    Fix it???
  12. best banks etc for loans

    Get a credit card from savings and loans, then you get your money and its not secured. Simple.
  13. 04/05 R6 with something like around 10,000km on it and a VX Dailyadore. Cars are slow
  14. Any riders here?

    Me, GROOV3 and another mate will be coming from Montague Farm way if it happens at the right time...
  15. Any riders here?

    I just suggested the bay as it would be a nice straight forward ride for the learners (myself included) anyone who's ridden a bike is obviously aware that riding in the hills is completely different to driving in the hills.