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  1. I need a 350Z gearbox thats been smashed or is buggere. Not a whole car, just the gearbox
  2. S15 powerFC

    Anyone got pin change for Jap Spec S15
  3. My Laurel to replace my old Cefiro
  4. 180sx Rice-Mobile-KRPS13

    ya don't need gloves CAMS licence helmet long sleeves, pants WASCC membership extinguisher mounted solid thats it
  5. 180sx Rice-Mobile-KRPS13

    http://www.driftwa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=251&hl= 5.30 I'd love to just see it on the track, even if ya don't drift it.
  6. 180sx Rice-Mobile-KRPS13

    Have ya picked it up yet, tune alot better. I saw it there on wednesday or tuesday
  7. 180sx Rice-Mobile-KRPS13

    Dude I saw your car at Speedworks for it tune FARK MAN this thing is the most stunning car I've ever seen I take my hat off to you dude, the engine bay and all the suspension stuff is amazing. I'm pritty sure you have anything and everything you would ever beable to upgrade on a sillbeer. Dude please bring this thing to the drift practice on the 10th March at Wanneroo, doesn't matter if you don't take it on the track, I just want another look over it.