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  1. Creaking Suspension?

    Digging up an old thread, but the issue was a tie rod end had come loose a couple of turns - no idea where the sounds originated from though - sounded like the coilover springs creaking to me.
  2. My s15 has a creaking noise coming from what sounds like the front right wheel arch, the noise is still present after new coilovers where installed. There are no issues with handling, it still feels very tight, no clunks or anything just creaks/squeaks. It'll mostly happen when the wheels are turning, from memory it doesn't happen when moving straight to much... Any tips on where to look? Tie rod ends dont usually creak do they? They just die? Cheers
  3. Hi, can anyone recommend a place to get a safety cert done who are not overly fussy, my car wont be that bad, but just dont want to be messed around by nit picking. Please PM if you'd rather not say publicly? Thanks for any help. Shane
  4. Strut top nuts?

    Cheers for the replies. Nissan want 8 f**king dollars per nut!
  5. Hi, simple question, was replacing the front coilovers today on my S15. 2 of the 6 strut top nuts sheered off. The new coilovers didn't come with new nuts, are genuine Nissan strut top nuts likely top be the same size/thread? Thanks for any info.
  6. bris to gc ride

    I did it 2 years ago, forgot my number & stickers etc, rode along with my group anyway and no official's said anything. So err... technically you could get away with the just tagging along, but that's just tight, its a well organised ride and you get to haul ass through the bus tunnels.
  7. Shin Splints

    I suffered from shin splints for 2 years! I suspect it originated from a change in running style after putting on 8kg of muscle over the offseason. The only thing that fixed it was rest and excrutiating calf massages. Pretty hard to avoid rest though, especially if you just wanna get out there and play football. Wish I'd known it could have been something as simple as what Blazn' 180 mentioned. Dont let it get worse.
  8. ARCHITECTURE - career

    I use to work for a well regarded nationwide Architecture & Design firm (in IT), as a kid I recall wanting to be an Architect and found it funny that I ended up there albeit in another field. I'm confident I made the right choice. The staff I worked with were underpayed and overworked, it appeared as if unless you were a partner then your salary was quite average considering how much study and hours were put it in, almost slave labour like. Unless you were extremely talented or project management minded then it seemed as though you really didnt have much of a path for progression. Unless you absolutely live, love and breathe design, then it may be a bad move. That's a view from an outsider.
  9. Entry level road bike

    Terrible, terrible bike, do not go near it. You are way better off getting a second hand bike off ebay with a nice frame good but old groupset... probably $200-400 range. Stay clear of those atomiks too. This example would be head and shoulders above that China special.
  10. Cleans, Powercleans Improving

    I think it will be pretty hard to really improve your technique without some expert help. You'll find you just get more effecient at bad technique. This book was recommended to me by my coach... http://www.amazon.com/Olympic-Weightliftin...6103&sr=1-1
  11. Results on the sporting field

    No shortage of them in Qld either, though you can always rely on them to run straight at the ball and not soft cock it.
  12. Results on the sporting field

    Thats my league My last game this week though. There are quite a few units playing for Kedron... Pickles, Churchy and a few others.
  13. Results on the sporting field

    Who you training/playing for?
  14. Results on the sporting field

    At 30 I surprise a few younger whippersnappers with my acceleration on the footy field (AFL), nothing better than chasing down a young punk and grinding him into the ground in a tackle when he thinks he can out run an old codger. Thank you squats, cleans...
  15. Sounds like band aid approaches to me. Can you not just target the knot with massage? Is it actually a trigger point?