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  1. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    well now, seems the glue has come unstuck re. meets, albeit the last time i looked they were still per fortnight, i guess that says something for the old school mob lol Im on the hunt for a nissan.
  2. merry xmas

    thought i would drop back on the radar to wish all a merry xmas, be safe and have a happy new year bitches!
  3. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    hahaha way to list the full actual address, the Qld and Australia bit must be for the dumbasses who are not sure when they type it into there sat nav hahah
  4. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    will be there homo's! why have i got a warn status? I aint been on here in ages... NEY A LIFETIME.................and yet still that faggy warn thing is there cause i said shitf**karsecuntpussycocksucker at some point.

    i actually saw someone, white auto s13 with kit and 18" wheels, asian girl driving (not being racist!) iv seen you before and met you to but sorry i forget your name, its been a rough year :/
  6. New powers to parking inspectors

    i would of established who owned the garden of said offence, the building or the council
  7. QLD Defects

    ever thought of ringing the dept. of transport? Ask them to send you the legalities that you are wondering about? if they cant help you ie. they cant find a rule that is applicable to the apparent defect that you have been written up for then chances are it doesnt exist! At which point if the DPI cant help you in not being able to find any rule about said defect then ask for the police man in court to show evidence from the DOT to prove his claim. The DOT are the ones who write the rules, the police only POLICE them, even though sometimes they do make them up they are not allowed to make up rules and decide what they think is legal or not... for instance 'I think your car is to low'..... prove it? get out the proper measuring device with your car on a flat even surface and have them measure it, its never 'by eye' judgement they HAVE to do it by the book. if you go with the whole 'i drive an import so its defectable' then sell your car or stop wining about it. The phone call may take you 30mins to work out what you need etc but who cares if you can prove a cop wrong its worth 8hours on the phone to me.
  8. My new Project 10's

    Nice work ! Did it get rego'd with that like that? or was that an after market special?
  9. A Current Affair Drifting Report

    in regards to people saying typical things like "save it for the track" blah blah blah .... get off your high horses current affair shows are bullshit period, they bend truths and expand on lies to make a story sit well for the viewers. If this guy got away with it then good luck to him, wonder if on the mountain roads he had sum1 drive ahead at all times to keep an eye on cars coming etc and notified him via mobile or cb so he knew he had a clear run, OR he made an assumption that cause it was wet no1 would be up there.... f**k putting cash down on that bet!
  10. Air conditioning for s13

  11. Catchas :)

    if im able tash and I will be there, not promising anything as im going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment, hopefully the trip to the docs this wednesday will help rectify that.
  12. bonnet movement

    hit the bonnet with a hammer till it dents it enough down to stop the rattle, problem solvered!..................dirty skyline...................lol
  13. early xmas wishes

    hey all just thought id wish you all an early merry xmas, im into hospital this friday and am going to be in there for atleast a week by all accounts so wont be able to wish all you trashy hoe's a merry one closer to or on the day! So be sure to have a safe and merry xmas, and I hope to see the regular pile of folk who attend the fortnightly meets sooner rather than later. cheers Nic

    the gauges would be as follows ... 1st: my wang is shrinking 1.0 .8 .6 .4 .2 2nd: i wish my wang was 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 and 3rd: stereo volume. refer to the below diagram......................................................i was bored
  15. Restaurant Suggestions?

    JELLYFISH! On the bris river, awsome food to say the least, a bit exe but get over it and enjoy the food, entree to main and deserts were fantastic and great location with nice breeze if you want to be outside or A/C inside