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  1. that green peace bat mobile got nailed!

    No matter who is right or wrong (I suspect both parties are in the wrong) that would have been as scary as f**k for those on the Ady Gill.
  2. OZ DRIFT GP Wrap Up

    He was referring to the part where it skips. I must admit I am surprised it didn't skip the first time as that seemed to be the bigger hit. All in all it showed nothing that wasn't already known so not really sure the horse is up for any further flogging
  3. Drift Attack 2009 - Full Video Review

    Sweet video. Rate the Senna narrative highly
  4. OZ DRIFT GP Wrap Up

    Great sport this drifting thing, really brings people together. I say it gets moved back to a certain beachside location, was more fun then....I even got to have a go
  5. OZ DRIFT GP Wrap Up

    Hahahahahahahhhahaha Kristian you are talking about Mike's (CLOAKY) daughter The only problem with Lloyd is his lack of maturity, hardly a criticism given the guy is 16. At 16 I was playing Gran Turismo not doing 140kph Scando's. Amazing talent that I hope everyone supports and he is lucky to have a good group of friends around him. Its just the little things though, first thing Saturday when I went to tell him off for speeding in the pits and using handbrake. He just needs to learn to put his brain back in when he isn't between the judging section cones!!
  6. Seriously Ben for you to offer "constructive criticism" on an event you had no involvement in and DIDN'T EVEN GO TO is out of line. Mistakes were made for sure, same as with every new event. Those involved are well aware of the pro's and con's of their approach and will no doubt be adjusted appropriately for next year's event.
  7. OZ DRIFT GP Wrap Up

    He means final transition Brendo, took me a while to realise why it was so impressive. Fink enters so fast that he covers the distance into Turn 1 extremely quickly, he was entering from a long long way back. He is a sublime talent and can do pretty much anything he wants in that car, even express his opinion on certain decisions The power and grip in that Holfords car is simply awesome, especially in the wet. Things would happen very quickly in that car but Luke's precision is what marks him apart.
  8. I think I see where you are coming from Luke, it was a ballsy move which made exciting viewing. However surely the line has to be drawn somewhere regarding contact and if it was anywhere other than "no contact. period" then the shitfights would continue for the rest of eternity. Still as Kristian said you had to pull out all the stops on the chase run to progress which I assume is why you tried the overtake. On another note just like to say the aggressive approach of the mainland drivers was great to see. Even if they were struggling to drive how they wanted guys like Squid, Milne, Khudar never stopped attacking. Good show.
  9. Oz Drift GP - Baskerville Raceway

    Pretty sure it was Lonergan. Guy was ultra committed in the wet was good to watch!
  10. OZ DRIFT GP Wrap Up

    It has been a lllooonnnggg weekend. Was glad to get the opportunity to judge this as I thought it would be a cool event and something different. Possibly underestimated the challenge but the opportunity to judge with guys like Kristian don't come along every day. Easy to forget the guy has been there since the beginning and seen more drift laps than the rest of us combined. Highlights: -Everyone lifted their game and had to push out of their comfort zone to keep up, the tas series will be better for it -Rogers qualy runs were sublime, seemed to take on board the advice of the judges and his driving was the better for it. -Housey stepped up big time, was super smooth and consistent with a car that lacked the firepower of the big guys. -Gossy did well, all that time going round-and-round-and-round-and-round-and-round at practice days paying off -Wedd finally tames the beast, to a certain extent anyway! -Lloyd is so nuts he makes me nervous watching him, someone buy the kid some common sense for Christmas!! Needs to be more consistent but that will come with time -Big thing is the mainlanders have a lot more intense battle experience and it shows. Cool heads under pressure. Driving wise I think Tassie is pretty close. I thought it went well, lots of lessons learned for next time so hopefully it will come back bigger and better next year. Let the e-warring begin I guess!
  11. Never thought I would hear the day that Delazy gave a V8 a good wrap. Shame I couldn't be there, Well done to Priso!! Pretty insanely close finish to the season!
  12. It's Party Time Again!

    I might have to put on my party hat for this one!
  13. All good I found it tonight. I know what it said hahaha I wrote it Shame they didn't use one of David's photos.