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  1. Hi all, Anyone know of a place that has car trailers for hire which are wider than the standard 1.8/1.9m width most places have...?? Any help would be much appreciated. - Christien
  2. Wheel alignment

    Light Wheel Alignment in the city. Haven't found a place to beat them. -Christien
  3. What does SA have to offer?

    So you are a priest ?
  4. What does SA have to offer?

    Adelaide has nothing to offer unless your looking to become a priest, in that case, your home
  5. There is a Silver R32 GTR sitting in the employee car park of the building at work (South terrace) someone from the other offices ?? Very clean 32 and black drifteks suit nicely.. Anyone on here ?? -Christien
  6. Car wont be ready for this years event... But im still coming
  7. Work Crkai - $1,650

    Price : $1,650 Condition : Used Hi All, Selling my Work CRKAI's in White. These are in Basically brand new condition Tyres have around 95% left if not more Size: (5x114.3) 18 x 9.5 +30 Tyres: Falken ZE912 235/40/18 Only selling as they are too small with new guard setup Asking $1650 o.n.o (This is already basically a steal as tyres are around $800 alone)
  8. Cheers guys. Anyone used Crash supplies at Stepney? -Christien
  9. Hi All, Have a small paint job to do and after tins of Grey primer, Satin black and Matte clear coat although not sure where to buy it from. Was thinking to visit Repco to see what they have available. Where would the best place be to buy automotive paints ? Cheers Christien
  10. Car crushing to resume in SA

    Back to people doing runners more often. +1, a rise in road deaths.. 'how come' ?? because of stupidity like this. All they'd need to do is introduce a heavy fine on impounded vehicles. By heavy i mean.. slug the idiots with a 4k fine and place a ban on the vehicle registration for 6 months or whatever. Crushing cars is not the answer. -Christien
  11. Guard Rollers

    Just bought one also. These days a full tank of fuel is more than $86, if its crap will just use it as practice steel for welding. As always, thanks again guys, let you all know how good it is. -Christien
  12. Guard Rollers

    Thanks mate. Is there a class of brand when it comes to guard rollers ? Sceptical about ebay tools unless they are branded with a model. -Christien
  13. Wanting to buy a Guard roller and not sure where to get a decent one in Adelaide. Was looking at both of these on ebay although id preffer to walk into a store and buy one. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Guard-Roller-Fender-Expander-/250872577288?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a692bbd08 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fender-Reformer-Tool-Lowered-Guard-Former-Expander-Roller-/230980784774?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item35c7871286 Any help, Always appreciated. -Christien
  14. blocked bov

    Take it off, weld the piston from underneath, reinstall.