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  1. Used S14 200sx SR20 Parts, CHEAP!

    If anyone knows how to put heaps of pics up plz let me know..
  2. Hi all Im having a clear out of all of my stock S14 SR20 parts, all parts are used & and have been visually & functionally inspected & separated from the parts I was suspicious on.. I have a 2 week window to get rid of these as I will have to go back to work which is in a remote area so the net is too slow for me to be efficient in replying & postage.. Basically Im not after making much cash with sales just try to get something back I guess, so if u see something u need let me know.. Just want it all out of the shed.. Will clean up parts before postage.. I can only post 1 pic up I tried the rest & they all say their too big & it wont allow me to upload them on to this post so if u are interested in something that is listed with no photo plz email qwik200@hotmail.com and I'll send the pic to you promptly.. All following prices include postage.. GT30-76R - $1100 Enlarged waste gate to 32 mm 3300 kms (1800 kms was run in tune for my engine so 10 psi max) selling as I got a GTX when they came out.. Black Rocker Cover - $60 Genuine Rocker Cover Gasket - $30 2x Genuine Nissan Bulk Ring for Gearbox (new) - $25 each Toyo Gearbox Bearing #63063C (new) - $30 2x FDJ Gearbox bearing #K32-37-17 (new) - $10 each Factory stock Suspension front and back - $100 for all four units Factory Cams - $60 Factory Coil (1) - $14 Factory Front & Back Swaybars - $45 Factory Fuel Rail - $25 Factory Throttle body - $60 Factory Gear Shifter & top plate that bolts to top of gearbox - $30 Thrust bearing (new) - $7 Factory oil filter mount - $25 Mars Performance S14a Chrome front quarter panel blinkers (new) - $25 Factory Starter motor with pulley & mount bracket - $85 Factory harmonic balancer with pulley and mounting bracket - $115 (due to postage cost) Factory 7 blade radiator fan - $70 GFB blow off valve - $40 Factory blow off valve - $25 Factory manifold - $100 (due to postage cost) Factory Dump elbow - $50 Factory horn with hose - $15 Factory oil pressure switch with hose - $20 2x Factory intake manifold - $110 (due to postage cost) Asst oil, water & air hoses & hose mounts - $5 - $70 (Email me what u need) Front bumper bar lower passenger side plastic insert - $15 Factory plastic diffuser -Pick up only, unless you want to pay a big postage fee Factory airflow meter - $25 Stainless airflow meter to 2 bolt turbo intake flange piping with rocker cover vent nipple - $35 Complete factory airbox setup - $70 Factory side mount intercooler with piping - $120 (due to postage cost) Factory fly wheel - $95 (due to postage cost) Please contact me via email qwik200@hotmail.com as I will be alot quicker in replying..
  3. Hi all just wonderin if anyone knows what the 240sx bell housing size is compared to the sr20 bell housing??. will it fit without adaptor plates? have been looking for 240sx diagrams but cant find any.. thinking about trying to fit a different box to my SR20 stroker!!
  4. Where do you idle?

    All cars really should idle at 800rpm reguardless of it being hot or cold, alot of the time idle problems can come with where your blow off valve is mounted..
  5. yeah plannin as a street/sorta drag car so will stick with the manual n Kaaz diff not sure on what ratio's yet tho..
  6. where would i look for that?
  7. have looked into that already and have been informed by my mechanic that it will be a good setup but wont last.. im sorta after a premade one with straight cuts, best one i've seen so far is 13g tho...
  8. hey all, i have just completed a rebuild on my 200sx and have stroked it to a 2.4.. just wondering on some ideas on a drive train set up as my stock one just wont last?? can anyone help..
  9. sr20 stroker

    it is a Brian Crower 2.4 l stroker.. they only make to order and is a 11 month wait from when first ordered. bout to go away for a long time but when i get back wil post specs jus to let ya'll kno its not b/s.. currently makin 237rwkw at 6000rpm 8psi (have the proof).. capable of 9000rpm and around 40 psi boost without too much stress on the engine.. yes compression is low for it to achieve this.. will post specs when i get back!!
  10. hey all, jus got my 200 back after a near 2 year wait and i have stroked a sr20 to a 2.4L... is this really the first one going in aus?? im still running in so havn got any readings yet but hopefully its gonna be worth my wait.. if anyone knows of another one around plz let me kno.. vvery curious weather its the first... peace..
  11. hi i was wondering if anyone knows some good performance shops that can get preety much anything for you i am really struggling to find someone that can get what i want everyone i know has bodgie no name products i want the shops wit the apexi, hks, trust etc. plz help me!!
  12. manifold

    thanks for the comments guys i didnt think that a bigger manifold would make it sluggish i thought it would make it alot more goey. but yer i am looking for the initial punch not top end so does anyone know of any good shops i could look into? and spandex whats a short runner manifold??
  13. manifold

    does anyone have any info about getting a manifold for a sr20 det thats going to be able to take any mods i want to do to my car without f'ing up. info will be muchly appreciated.