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  1. Rhys millen

    love the promo vids people are putting out these days
  2. unfortunately wheels arent ready for freight
  3. if it means anything the rega's i have for sale weigh less than the stock s14 wheels when both are fitted with tyres. so going bigger can mean less weight if you get good quality wheels.
  4. What size tyres?

    235/40/18 and 265/35/18. most common sizes and easiest to get a hold of.
  5. My s15 Build.

    have you tried tucking the looms up inside the guards? took me less than a day to remove the front end, tuck the looms, and put it all back together. there was no chance of scrubbing loom after that....
  6. I may need a set of wheels delivered to SA, but not sure if they would fit in a Getz... Will have to ask the guys paying for the freight.
  7. North Shore NS guys

    just sold mine, its now around wollongong area
  8. General chit chat thread!

    since this is a general chit chat thread... got my first ride on my second ever bike ridden (if that makes sense)... one of the girls at work has a yamaha fz1 and since she is buying my cb250 for her sister to learn on, offered me the chance to take a real bike for a ride. now i've been riding for over 5 years, the whole time on a 18hp cb250- not a cbr, just CB. as it stands cb=commuter bike... reason for never upgrading is just always too good on fuel/rego/maintainence to bother and i always had cars to have fun on. well didnt the 1000cc bike blow me away. as you would expect with 10 times more power, i was stunned by the pull this thing had. thankfully the streets i rode on were quiet, i was only taking it up to around 6000rpm in each gear but that was enough to get my adrenalin racing. dont know how anyone keeps the front wheel on the ground or their sanity with that much speed on tap. definently dont think i could ride anything small again once this bike is sold. dont see the need for a 1000cc but then i havent taken any 600/750cc bikes for a ride to compare. but a car is no longer my fun toy... bring on a quick bike again.
  9. not meant to look normal so i love it
  10. looks awesome, saw an r35 front on a v35 skylinein homebush.... looked shit also i dont think you can really lower the stagea that mush more after putting on a set of 20s
  11. without an engine going boom...
  12. custom intercooler piping

    think your starting a trend here CroS13, I'm looking at the same setup for my next Silvia/S15. Full black piping/cooler and black silicone joiners. Stealth power seems to be the new way people will enjoy their rides.
  13. As normal after I sell a car I instantly start thinking of the next one I want and what I want from it.... Been reading all my Zoom mags again, which is basically the opposite of HPI mags no drift and more drag racing. Since I won't drift a car, but will drag a car I've been day dreaming about what would be needed to get either a S15 or S14 to run a flat 12 or a high 11 second pass on drag radials. All the mags and alot of guys on here seem to be running 12.5's and slower with around the 250rwkw mark... but thats on street tyres and normally hard coilover suspension. What would be the difference with a drag tyre on the rear and soft stock springs? Been guesstimating (prob way off) that a S15 with 200rwkw, 225/50/16 drag tyres, stock suspension, interior removed and a good launch could possibly run a 12 or low 12 pass? Am I anywhere near right? My S14 managed to run a 14.4 which was mechanically stock except for old 235's on R33 GTR wheels on the rear. It would only have had like 110rwkw. Please anyone reply, how hard are flat/low 12 second passes to achieve? Adrian
  14. research has shown that everyone gets more tired when they are close to their destination because they're brain starts to think of what they will do when they get home and resting. not just because they're closer to the end of they're trip, but because of the knowledge they will soon be resting.
  15. that miata is nuts, are they 16's or 17's? look like 16's as 17's are normally too big to look 'not showy'