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  1. Yep. 5kg of colombia's finest, get 100,000 of the hottest women in the world, 1000 of my closest acquaintances, couple of cases of louis XIII, vintage champagne etc.. some 24k gold razors. Dress code is strictly NOTHING but your birthday suit, have fun smashing as many 10/10's as my dick can handle in an hour.
  2. FML.

    Super excited to play a round of golf after nailing my AAT Moot Hearing, Get to the course only to lose 18 balls to water traps in 18 holes and totally diminish any confidence i had in playing the game. FML.

    Another TWINS supporter here.. The rule in my gym is spar with 16's... I'll usually let 14's slip but really hesitate to spar with someone wearing 12's. Its just a respect thing.. 16 ounchers wont hurt your sparring partner and will teach you to have to find angles to get through the cracks, not just power through them. In the end, 16's are the baseline at most gyms... so safe bet How can you say no to such a hot looking set of gloves... + just put em in a fenech bag at rebel sports, distract the lady at the counter a lil and she wont know the difference 100% of the time here are your $49.95 set of Twins
  4. 1994 Toyota MR2 Bathurst Edition, with the Gen 3 3SGE 129kw motor... quite fun with only 1200kg of weight and a short wheel base
  5. What would you do...

    To be successful in a negligence claim for much money at all you NEED to have some sort of damage. Compensation is meant to put you in the same position, so far as money can, as you were before the negligent act. This doesn't mean that if you bought a $7 dollar sub that had a shard of plastic in it, which you didn't eat and caused you no damage but maybe an apprehension to eat subway again, you will get some hyoooooge settlement figure. They honestly wont give a shit- 1. and You sue who has the deepest pockets- 2. Therefore the employee is out of the question and he would of been covered under Vicarious Liability aswell.
  6. About Traffic Fines

    Douchebag. s92 states that trade and commerce between the states shall be free. And we dont have rights under the constitution... there is no bill of rights in the aust constitution... lol Bout the only thing we have a right to is a trial by jury and freedom of communication of political and gov. matters, and any *milkshake* who says australia is a free country i can say what i want is actually wrong.
  7. Des Moran Gunned down

    LoL.. stupid enough to raise an empire worth over $1billion... Nope, lebo's in sydney...
  8. Aikido - Martial Arts

    I train MMA.. mainly Boxing/Muay Thai for my stand up.. Wrestling/BJJ for my grapple/takedown/submissions.. With any form of martial arts, the key is consistency. I think ive missed maybe 3 or 4 days training 5 days/week for 3 months... You can see this in my form/technique and the fact that im fighting in a few weeks haha... I recommend you do BJJ or MMA in general because it will teach you alot of actually usable shit in the street. Just simple things like blocking punches with your elbows to break the persons hands, distancing and closing the distance to land what you wanna land... Im also a Crowd Controller, so you see the relevance of it all every night @ work.
  9. luxury watches

    it tells the time. Then why do people spend so much if it is not an image or statement thing? I have $400-$500 sunglasses... Yes I could have bought $10 ones from the servo and they would do the same job... But I got them because Prada are a nicer brand and, I admit, I got them for the name and the image. If I wanted something to only block out the sun and not care, I would have gone for $10 servo sunnies. Same with watches. If someone had it to only tell the time, im sure they would just go for a cheaper plain looking watch. (Im talking sunglasses because I understand them more than watches lol) my sunnies are worth 500 bucks, i got them only because they suit me the best, my normal glasses are gucci and i didnt want to spend much money but i got them only because they suited my face the best. My watch when i do buy it, will cost about 700 dollars, thats because it has to be real gold and at least 18ct. its not about its name for me, its about what looks good on me personally. LOL a $700 "real gold" watch. Whats it gonna weigh, half an ounce? lol The reason a presidential rolex is worth 50k odd is because its SOLID gold.
  10. luxury watches

    I prefer the look of the speedmasters... none the less, awesome watches.
  11. Ran a black cat over in my mates commodore.. later that week i lost 16 points, my mate lost his license, and my mate with the commodore drove it through a freshly rendered brick fence. Sure f**ked up i tell yahz
  12. want. moar. war.stories.now.
  13. You're a liar... MOARDAMMNIT!!!!