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  1. Buying - Nissan 200SX Spec R S15

    A bit out of your budget at first glance, and not sure what the P plate rules are, but I'm selling a sensibly tuned (233Kw) 2002 ADM Spec-R GT Manual Black ... If you take it unregistered, BYO wheels, and throw in a couple of extra $ it might come close to your budget: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-200SX-2002/SSE-AD-4115274/?Cr=1
  2. yeah stock afm... on the power fc, afm is always reading under 5V... is that what you mean? ... or do you mean physical flow of the smaller AFM wont allow much more than 200rwkw?
  3. I have an s15 with stock airbox (modified to feed cold air from the inner guard) and K&N panel... it's putting out 200rwkw on dyno dynamics... no collapse of the rubber intake hose either, so the airbox must be flowing ok at those power levels... so if you are only chasing 200 @ the wheels, stock airbox and K&N will do the job......
  4. which rad to buy?

    I fitted a Trust 48mm on my s15, coolant temp didn't get above 81 degrees on the track at Eastern Creek (~28 degree ambient temp day)... Around town coolant gets to around 79 (81 degrees with aircon on a hot 30+ day)... I've seen up to 84 after stopping the car after being on the highway, then back down to 81 within a minute or so. Fits without ANY modification. $750 delivered from Nengun. Awesome. 100% happy.
  5. where to get my car tuned at?

    Nop, he didn't mention if they'd be getting it... If i recall, it's about a $450 piece of gear... IMO it would be well worth them investing in it... I mean, a lot of people are running PFCs... given the ability to load and save maps, make global adjustments, graph, and have all data on the screen, it would take them half the time to tune some cars...
  6. fuel pump issue?

    If the problem started SINCE you fitted the front mount, you may have a leak in your vac lines from your fitting... as for the overheating, i would suggest that it is unrelated this could be anything from a sticking termostat, to your fan not working, to a blown head gasket which could be causing one of your plugs to foul .... and the list goes on... You really should really just go to a mechanic... Get him or her to diagnose the issue(s), and if you want to do it on the cheap, you can post the mechanic's findings... and then people can assist with something that may actually help you!
  7. S13 Fuel Pump recommendation

    I have tried a walbro on an s15... it was loud inside and out of the car... I also had a problem with flow (I may have just bought a faulty pump, but it only returned 0.5L @ 50psi fuel pressure). I replaced it with a HKS in-tank, and it is AWESOME. You can not hear it at all inside the car, but outside it is failrly loud. The kit comes with: Pump Replacement cradle (with pump attached) Filter Bag (already attached to pump) New replacement Fuel Seal Replacement relief valve (at least on the s15 model) You pull out the old one, cradle and all, and just replace it. The pump has a decent amount of rubber padding around it, and it looks pro. My pump even came smelling of fuel, where (I'm presuming HKS tested it!) Fitted to my s15, it returned 2.5L of fuel at 60psi, so it will definitely do the job for a modified sr20. You will pay $325-385, but IMO it's well worth it for a quiet, proven quality pump. Dave
  8. where to get my car tuned at?

    thanks - i'm booked in for a Power FC tune, so I'll post some feedback when it's done Ok, some more positive feedback for ESP... Glen did the tune. Professional and hell of a nice guy. He takes the time to explain things, and sounds like he knows what he's doing. Power FC tune seemed to be quite good. Nice and responsive timing, and safe 11.5 afr in the top end. It had 170rwkw when I dropped it off, and it got 197rwkw when i picked it up. I would have preferred him to use a laptop, rather than the handcontroller, but my laptop software didn't arrive until after the tune. To be honest, the AVC-R tune needed some adjustment. It was tuned for 1.2 bar on the dyno, but i got spikes of 1.45 bar on the road even in hot weather. So I did the AVC-R retune myself when i got home. A matter of adding in some -% start duty in a few of the gears, and changing the rpm duty so it doesn't bleed as much off at the start, and therefore holds a bit better in the top. The AVC-R is a bitch to setup, so I wasn't too upset that the setup was off. When I go back, I'll let him know what I had to change to make it a better road setup. I did a track day at eastern creek the following day, with a self set boost setting of 1.05 bar, and the car ran all day with only a couple of random high knock readings on high speed gearchanges which is pretty normal for a track day. Max inj duty was below 85%. I've recently bought an FC Datalogit so i'll be able to find the cells causing me grief. Cost me 350 which is what i was quoted over the phone. My existing tune wasn't too far off, so $$ may be more or less depending upon how your car is running when you drop it off. I'd definitely go back. I have 3 friends with WRXs and Supras that also go to Glen, and have nothing but good feedback as well. Dave
  9. where to get my car tuned at?

    thanks - i'm booked in for a Power FC tune, so I'll post some feedback when it's done
  10. where to get my car tuned at?

    Do you have an address for ESP? They're not listed in the white or yellow pages.
  11. Steering and Suspension place

    I've been to Chris, and yes, he is a top guy and awesome at what he does... however he is very busy, and sometimes I feel that he isn't as organised as he could be... and for me, it's also a pain in the ass getting out there from the city, and back to work etc etc If you want a good wheel alignment or simple suspension work done, the guys at Beaurepaires in Dickson are very good as well. For me, major work - Chris @ inline minor work / alignments - Dixon Beaurepaires
  12. FC-Datalogit

    Thanks for the info. Fingers crossed!
  13. Do NOT buy a Walbro off ebay. From personal experience the 'walbro' I purchased from ebay 1. did not fit perfectly in the cradle, 2. was loud, 3. did not flow as claimed (only 500mL return @ 50psi fuel pressure) I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND a HKS in tank replacement. They come with: 1. new top fuel seal, 2. new cradle, 3. new relief valve, 4. are padded with rubber, 5. are quiet. Sure you'll pay $350 instead of $200, but the HKS item is well worth it IMO.
  14. FC-Datalogit

    Hmmmm... I've been looking at sponsors forums for a while, and have never seen any on offer. Too late now, anyhow
  15. I ordered an FC-Datalogit from http://www.fc-datalogit.com/ on 10 December (4 weeks ago) and still haven't received it. I emailed them about it, and so far I haven't had a response. In December they confirmed availability, my payment and address (when I placed the order). But I haven't heard anything since... Does anyone have an experience dealing with http://www.fc-datalogit.com/ recently?? I'm just a bit concerned that they've packed up shop! Dave