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  1. hahaha i dont think ive been with a girl who put on a fake orgasms though
  2. Girl walking dog

    haha that is a great one!!!
  3. 350Z are hot

    Oh yea! that nismo one is sweet! mates got a yelow 35th anniversary edition and it is luxurious inside and out! gota love the zed
  4. Nightclubs, bars...

    Wallaby bar in Cockle Bay... Good Rnb n plenty of hotties!
  5. hahah heard it before, but still good!
  6. I agree. Buy a house, not a unit... More option, no strata fees/body corporate crap
  7. The Eternal Optimist

    LOL that a great one!
  8. Tree shark....

    a fuzzy dog painted green?
  9. New train announcing crap

    haha totally agree!
  10. Blow off valves.

    Absolutely correct! Atmo venting BOV is just a defect waiting to happen!!!
  11. 52 reasons why beer is better than a woman!

    Hehe Heard it before. sitll good and i totaly agree!
  12. first time getting a root

    What a Classic!!! hahahah
  13. Hygiene tips for the ladies

    That is one funny ass clip!!! lol
  14. wollongong thursday nights

    Ay vibe.. havne't seen u in the area yet.. U on the earlwood side or hurstville side?