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  1. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 160 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used 1989 Manual Turbo 4 Door Skyline R32 with RB20DET 160xxx kms. Good stereo, and Kenwood head unit. Great daily cruiser. Running stock boost. Some fading paint on the rear bumper and bootlid, but it is a 20+ year old car. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/salisbury-p...edan/1006388188 Fresh Reconditioned Gearbox and alternator. Alloy Radiator Twin Electric Thermostat fans Fully rebuilt rear cradle with Super Pro Bushes (NON HICAS) GTR Rear Seats. Super Advan Black Wheels GTR Bisltein Shocks up front, and HKS Rear Coilovers AM Performance Stainless Front/Dump Pipe R33 4.11's Diff (slightly shorter ratio, better for fuel) Stock Springs come with the car. Car handles well, just needs a locked diff and it can be taken to the track. I personally have never taken the car to any tracks. I love driving this car, I'm only selling due to saving for a house. $5500 FIRM NO REGO NOW NO SWAPS PLEASE! Also don't sms me with retarded offers, as they will be ignored.. come look at the car then make me an offer. SMS ONLY PLEASE as I work night shift and will reply when I can. 0411 751 450 - No private numbers.. i will ignore them.
  2. **I believe Just Car Insurance FAKES*

    BTW guys AAMI is JUST CARS.. its just another division!
  3. Jobs in S.A.

    Drop a resume off at The Somerset Hotel mate, especially if you have a forklift licence. I work in the bottle shop and we could do with a few younger lads with a sense of humour so long as your honest and hard working. Cheers Michael.
  4. R34-sedan stolen

    This come through my work on Thursday night. Not sure if it was stolen then, whoever had it was driving it like they stole it and were fair bogan.
  5. H pattern sticker

    Right on the money Locky. It's not really an issue unless the usual driver is in an accident or something and someone unfamiliar has to drive the car. I wouldnt think a cop would pick this, but regency might.
  6. H pattern sticker

    H pattern sticker In case of regency/defect trip. I had to make one of these for myself, so i thought i would post it up here to share. 20mm x 20mm (150dpi) resize to fit application Its just a basic 5 speed h pattern sticker. Cheers, Michael
  7. sounds good. can i judge? Points will be awarded for the most angle without spinning off, speed (not the drug) and lastly and most importantly how ghetto their skid wheels are.. this is not a joke. NOT!
  8. Quick Regency Question.

  9. Zenki S14/ Hit & Run...GONE :(

    Lookin' good TP!!! Catch up with you soon once my car is done!
  10. Happened to me a few years back when they busted me speeding. Had to have a sit down with the LSA Copper in charge. ended up with a 6 month licence loss and nice fine. pm me for more details.
  11. The Tailem bend drift day thread

    Would be good to be out there one day, will they do motorkhana events or circuit/grip setup days?
  12. Skyline R32 Photos Only - No Discussion

    My 32 with super advans. Still high as, waiting for ID CHECK.
  13. Formula1

    95% Vettel 5% Webbers fault. I think both are very experienced drivers.. but that situation could have very easily been avoided!
  14. Trying to organise a few things for my ID CHECK. Stocko R32 Suspension Stock diff, as mine is locked. That should be it. The usual cash or beer incentives. Cola - 0411 751 450
  15. Hes a backyarder, but does a better job than most workshops haha. Can't beat his work. I bought a dump pipe off some website and it leaked like a siv, sold it off and got Andrew to make me a full front/dump and man his work is impressive!